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Steve Lavin Leaves ESPN For St. John's

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ESPN seems to be shuffling people in and out on a daily basis these days, and the latest to leave is College Basketball analyst, Steve Lavin. Lavin has decided to take on the challenge that is St. John's Redman Red Storm, and will be their head coach next season. Via the Associated Press....

Former UCLA coach Steve Lavin has agreed to become the basketball coach at St. John's.

The school said Tuesday that a news conference to introduce Lavin would be held Wednesday.

Lavin has been an analyst for ESPN since UCLA fired him in 2003. He had a 145-78 record with UCLA, leading the school to the NCAA tournament's round of 16 five times. The Bruins reached the final eight in 1997, his first season.

St. John's, which fired Norm Roberts after six seasons, has not been to the NCAA tournament since 2002.

Georgia Tech coach Paul Hewitt rejected an offer from St. John's last week. Al Skinner, who was fired by Boston College on Tuesday, also was interviewed.
I always thought Lavin was more interested in being on TV, than actually coaching, but I guess the allure of the Garden has drawn him back. This move also brings an end to one of AA's all-time "favorite" announcing duos, in Lavin and Brent Musburger. RIP Lavinburger....RIP.

Lavinburger Is Back, Brent Still Drunk

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

If you're not around on the weekend for the Pammies, there's a running joke that we have. Brent Musburger is so ridiculously random, and occasionally slurs often enough that we like to think he's drunk in the booth. Well apparently the same thing is true in Basketball.

Nearing the end of last night's OSU-IU game, ESPN did a split screen with Musburger and Steve Lavin. Brad Nessler and Jimmy Dykes were on the next game, and after a few pleasantries, Musburger decided to talk about red wine and the fact that he might be drinking alone following the game.

Now I know this isn't that bad (more funny than anything else), but who else could get away with talking about boozing it up, other than Musburger? I think most people would at least get a talking to.

Oh and I missed you Lavinburger! I would love to hear more about Lavin's diet in the games to come!!!

Bob Knight Back At ESPN, Will Move To The Booth

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm still split on Bob Knight as a College Basketball analyst. On one hand, his knowledge and X's and O's are unrivaled. On the other, he still comes across like getting him to talk about the game is a chore. The negative could have been because Dickie V was hanging all over him on set, but whatever side you fall on, you're going to have to deal with him for another year on the "Leader". You'll also be doing so with Knight in an expanded role as he'll be working on certain games throughout the season with Brent Musburger and Dan Shulman SBD's John Ourand has the scoop....

Basketball HOFer Bob Knight will return to ESPN's college basketball
telecasts this season in an expanded role. The former coach will be paired
with Brent Musburger on weekly Thursday night games with various
conferences, and he will work with Dan Shulman on non-conference games on
other nights. Knight also will work as an on-site analyst for "College
GameDay Driven by State Farm," and he will give analysis on "SportsCenter"
(once a week in January and February) and ESPN Radio ("Mike & Mike in the
Morning" or "Tirico & Van Pelt").

His first game telecast is scheduled for November 20 and 21 at the 2K Sports
Classic Benefiting Coaches vs. Cancer in N.Y. Knight joined ESPN in March to
provide studio commentary for its Championship Week and NCAA Tournament
Very interesting move. I think another year in-studio would have served Knight well, before he moved to live action, but he really could become a great color guy if he tries. Hopefully this doesn't signal the end of the "Lavinburger" duo though. That would make me sad.

Knight Back In ESPN Booth In Expanded Role This College Hoops Season (Sports Business Daily)

(FYI- Your first College Basketball schedule will be coming in a few)

Steve Lavin Doesn't Remember The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

Friday, April 04, 2008

I posted the most awkward moment of the College Dunk/3-point Contest last night, but this is by far the most funny. JR Giddens threw down his first dunk last night and decided to break out a prop. He ties a sweater around his neck, does a dance and completely stumps Steve Lavin....

George Michael from Wham? What was that '81??? Pretty sure JR wasn't even born yet. I if you watch the video it stil works, but with the sweater it's the Carlton Steve.

Do the damn thing C!

JR Gidden's Reach Back Dunk & Carlton Dance (Real Clear Sports)

Steve Lavin Forgets He Isn't Working With Musburger, Comments On Jimmy Dykes' Wife

Thursday, April 03, 2008

This had the potential to be disastrous but in the end it just came out awkward. Brad Nessler, Jimmy Dykes, and Steve Lavin were calling the College Slam Dunk and 3-Point Shootout Contest this past evening when the camera crew decided to show a mother and child.

Turns out that the very attractive blonde you see in this clip is Mrs. Jimmy Dykes and his daughter. Steve Lavin then just decides to make things extremely uncomfortable....

"Wow. That is impressive Jimmy."- Steve Lavin

It's never good to start a conversation by calling a man's wife "that". Just saying.

ESPN Does Care, Gives Us One More Lavinburger-EA Game!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Did anyone order a Lavinburger? Well done??? I thought that Erin Andrews was done for the season along with Lavin and Musburger, but the gods are shining down on us folks! They've got one more game!!! Yes it's the NCAA Play-in game, but what else are you going to do tomorrow night? Watch Idol??? Poppycock.

It's The Mount....It's The Eagles....And It's Tomorrow Night on ESPN!!!

Mount Saint Mary's vs. Coppin State (ESPN, 7:30)- Brent Musburger, Steve Lavin, and Erin Andrews

Oh and if you're like me and stuck watching the N.I.T. (ugh) here's what I know of the announcers so far.

Tue., Mar. 18

#7 Stephen F. Austin at #2 Massachusetts (ESPNU, 6pm)- John Rooke and Ron Perry
#8 UNC-Asheville at #1 Ohio State (ESPN2, 7pm)- Sean McDonough and Bob Valvano
#8 Robert Morris at #1 Syracuse (ESPNU, 8pm)- Dave Ryan and Eric Murdock #5 Oklahoma State at #4 Southern Illinois (ESPN2, 9pm)- Ron Franklin and Fran Fraschilla
#6 Akron at #3 Florida State (ESPN Classic, 9pm)-
#5 Maryland at #4 Minnesota (ESPN, 9:30pm)- Brad Nessler and Jimmy Dykes
#6 Rhode Island at #3 Creighton (ESPNU, 10pm)- Dave Armstrong and Jack Armstrong
#8 Alabama State at #1 Arizona State (ESPN2, 11pm)- Dave Pasch and Stephen Bardo

Wed., Mar. 19

#6 Cleveland State at #3 Dayton (ESPNU, 6pm)- Jim Barber and Jim Chones
#5 UAB at #4 Virginia Commonwealth (ESPN2, 7pm)- Bob Wischusen and Bob Valvano
#8 Morgan State at #1 Virginia Tech (ESPN Classic, 7pm)-
#7 UC-Santa Barbara at #2 Ole Miss (ESPNU, 8pm)- Rich Waltz and Daymeon Fishback
#7 San Diego State at #2 Florida (ESPN2, 9pm)- Brad Nessler and Jimmy Dykes
#6 Charlotte at #3 Nebraska (ESPN Classic, 9pm)-
#7 Utah State at #2 Illinois State (ESPNU, 10pm)-
#5 New Mexico at #4 California (ESPN2, 11pm)- Dave Pasch and Steven Bardo

MSM Now Fed Up With Lavinburger Too

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

When I put that post up yesterday I really didn't think I'd get the strong aversion to the duo that I did. I have a personal vendetta against Brent Musburger that I've had since I was a kid, so I always think I'm a little too critical of the guy. Well it turns out you agreed and the team's calls are just comical these days.

Well folks, we're not the only ones fed up with Lavinburger. New York Daily News' Bob Raissman seems to agree with your assessment.....

If anyone involved from ABC has trouble swallowing this theory, they should look in the mirror. When a coach is assigned to work a game involving his former team there will always be - at least - a perception of conflict. Anyone saying Lavin ignored the Shipp thing because he's still carrying UCLA pom-poms has every right to do so.

Of course this would not explain why Musburger did not question the shot. It also doesn't explain why the producer did not tell the announcers to explain the rule.

Nonetheless, Lavin should not have worked that game. And with the NCAA Tournament around the corner, CBS should scan its roster and avoid using announcers tied to a particular school as part of the broadcast team for that school's tilt.
That's an interesting thought, but I think some people can pull it off. ESPN pulled Kirk Herbstreit from the radio broadcast of the OSU-LSU game last year for the same reason, but I think he does a rather good job when covering his old team. Sure there's the photo of him on the sidelines jumping, but he wasn't working at the time.

Everyone has favorite teams and most do a great and unbiased job covering them, but there are a few people that just need to be nixed from every broadcast, regardless of their affiliation. Off the top of my head.....Mike Patrick and Jay Bilas: Duke, Dick Vitale: Any ACC game, and Brent Musburger: Any game that takes place in Los Angeles.

Update: This is where I wish I had that "after the jump" feature still, but you'll have to bear with me. MDS at Fanhouse has a great call on Lavin. He didn't even get the "picket fence" play right! Merle not Jimmy took the shot. Enjoy and try not to get goosebumps..."Time! Timmme!"

Former UCLA coach misses best angle (NY Daily News)
Brent Musberger, Steve Lavin Ripped for Commentary on UCLA-Cal Ending (Fanhouse)

Brent Musburger And Steve Lavin Cannot Be Stopped

Monday, March 10, 2008

Forget the horrible officiating at the end of the CAL-UCLA game, let's talk Lavinburger! This clip starts with 35 seconds left in the game and I can't for the life of me figure out what they're talking about. It's not Basketball though...

"Bruins win! 1.5 left."- Brent Musburger

I swear they go to a commercial break and just say, "Who the f**k cares if it's a close game and possible upset? We're talking about Victoria's Secret!!!" They're simply amazing.

Brent Musburger, Steve Lavin, H-O-R-S-E, And Victoria's Secret (Watchdog)

Brent, Steve and Erin On Hangovers, Roger Clemens, And Sylvester Stallone

Friday, February 29, 2008

Good lord these two are so blatantly random that it makes laugh so hard I cry....

I think I lost it when he said they broke curfew and Erin Andrews was hinting she was hungover. They just don't care.

(Thanks to HK for the clip)

Russell Westbrook Completes A "Major League Facial" On The Ducks

Sunday, February 24, 2008

When it comes to double entendres using the term facial for a dunk is pretty high on the list. But when you go further and call it a "Major League Facial" then my ears are going to perk up. Send it in big fella (or 6 foot 3 inch Westbrook)!

I'm not sure but did Steve Lavin also make a Vida Blue reference? He did??? Good work Lav, and I reiterate that these two are must watch TV every single game they do. Also the guy who got dunked on is named LeKendric. I'd like to think he had it coming (see what I did there?).

(From MI via Deadspin)

Erin Andrews And Crisco

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I know that headline is going to yield some illicit thoughts from the likes of you all, but it's not exactly what you think. In yet another highlight from the craziest working trio in sports show business, Erin Andrews gives us the hard hitting report of Scott Martin's Hair....

Oh snap! No she didn't!!! She did....she went there.

Erin Andrews Asks Lavin To Share His Crisco (Real Clear Sports)

Brent Musburger Has No Idea What He's Talking About Anymore

It's been well documented here that Brent Musburger is slowly losing his mind and it wasn't more evident than last night. I was blown away at how glowing Musburger spoke about Indiana Coach Kelvin Sampson. He almost demanded that the Coach not be fired.

MDS at Fanhouse pulled one of these moments last night and it's pretty evident that either Musburger doesn't think Sampson committed the violations or he shouldn't be punished....

It doesn't stop there though. Check out Brent's Rumor Mill.....

Yes heard it from Brent first! The Wizards are planning to trade Caron Butler. Not just to any team, but back to the one they got him from!!! Do you think that they can get Kwame Brown in the deal? The Washington Post has to be pissed that Musburger broke this story and they didn't.

ESPN's Brent Musberger Hopes Indiana Does Not Fire Kelvin Sampson (Fanhouse)

I Never Knew Announcers Took Field Trips

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So in between Brent Musburger's constant references of Wisconsin player Brian Butch being a Polar Bear the crew actually showed a clip of them ice fishing. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did...

EA with the pigtails? Very nice. And is it just me or did Brent Musburger say, "when you go ice fishing with Lavin's Mom"? I guess we'll never know, but we do know that Brent's is bigger than Steve's.....which is nice.

I Take Back Everything Nice I Said About Musburger And Lavin

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I don't know if it was because they were on ABC instead of ESPN, but Brent Musburger and Steve Lavin were unbearable yesterday. Brent Musburger especially so. I don't know if he was just out of his groove, but he couldn't get anything right and would pause for 20 seconds at time for no reason at all.

It was a terrible broadcast and it didn't get any worse than this exchange during the 2nd Half...

I don't know if you noticed or not, but the time on the clock said 5 minutes. FIVE MINUTES LEFT IN A TIE GAME WITH AN UNRANKED TEAM READY TO UPSET THE #1 TEAM IN THE COUNTRY!!!!!!!!

Okay sorry, but seriously....what they hell are they even talking about? If ABC
makes you do the thing just get it over with...don't go back to it again!

(What's in a name? Musburger. The word "Mus" comes from the word "Mush" a "kind of porridge," 1671, in the American colonies, variant of mash (v.). Meaning "anything soft and thick" is attested from 1824. First record of mushy "sentimental" is 1870; mush "sentimentality" is attested from 1908. The word Burger comes from a sandwich consisting of a bun, a cooked beef patty, and often other ingredients such as cheese, onion slices, lettuce, or condiments. Often used in combination: a cheeseburger.)

See how annoying that was? And you just had to read it. Add to this nonsense to Musburger's multiple screw ups and about 400 promos for ABC shows and this broadcast was borderline unwatchable. In Lavin's defense he tried to cut him off and say he was "locked in", but you can't stop a moving train like Musburger.

Please save this b.s. from the first half if you have to do it.

Steve Lavin Mixes Up His Famous African American Actors

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I don't know why this cracked me up at the time so much but it did. Here are Steve Lavin and Brent Musburger discussing the famous Hayes of the world.....

These two are a must watch every single game they call at this point. He may not know movies but Lavin can sure crack up Brent with his PED jokes....

Brent Musburger Has Officially Lost It, Wants To Go To The Playboy Mansion With Erin Andrews (And More!)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I don't know how many people caught Brent Musburger and Steve Lavin's call of the Illinois-Wisconsin game last night, but it was definitely one for the ages. Not only did Musburger rant about Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson (ending it with "Ya gotta abstain, buddy") AND ask Steve Lavin if he wants to get a beer after the game.....but he mentioned Erin Andrews going to the Playboy Mansion. Seriously.

Via reader JA......

Just after halftime of the Wisconsin-Illinois game on ESPN, Steve Lavin observed that the Wisconsin student section had been chanting "Er-in An-drews, Er-in Andrews." He then observed that she's a bigger rock star than, among others, the Beatles. Brent Musburger responded: "When she goes to meet Hugh Hefner, I wanna go with her."

I know he was referring to the Playboy Sexiest Sportscaster Contest, but you CAN'T say that on-air! Good lord. I missed the video of that one but thanks goodness for Brahsome!

Here's the "Beer" quote on his throw to SportsCenter. Wait for it.....Waaaaait for it.....

LavinBurger Love Them Some Erin Andrews (Brahsome)

(Thanks to readers Adam and Nathan for also writing in regarding Brent)

Rick Majerus Should Have Chosen His Words A Bit Better

Monday, January 07, 2008

Sorry if you've seen this before, and I have no idea when this is from (or why it's just now getting to YouTube), but Steve Lavin and Rick Majerus are talking about Rudy Gay when he was in College. You can imagine what comes next. Wait for it.....waaaaait for it.....

"I'm not a big Gay guy."- Rick Majerus

Well since you have a wife I'm going to go with 1 out of the 2, and Lavin chuckling at you just made my day.

Is Steve Lavin Friends With Eric Karros?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lost in all of the Pat Summitt/Tennesse stuff (video below) was a great showing by Michigan at home against Michigan State. Part of the way through the game Steve Lavin was joking with Brent on his first and middle names......what happened next can only be described as very very odd.

Lavin begins by busting on Musburger's middle name (which is Woody). Lavin jokingly admits he gots from the production truck. From there Brent brings up Google, and Lavin throws in YouTube. Well that's when it gets weird.......

Don't know if you remember this Deadspin piece on Karros and Andrews, but Lavin one-ups our friend Eric at the :54 second mark.

"Go look up Erin Andrews on YouTube......My Goodness."- SL

Not sure where Stevie was going with that one, but it comes off awfully sexist. We make light of Erin Andrew's good looks, but she really is a good reporter. It's one thing to be ogled on the internet, but to be called out by your co-workers is a little uncalled for.

Here's the Pat Summitt was actually pretty boring. I respect Tennesse's school pride, but that was stupid.