Joe Maddon Blows A Kiss To Craig Sager

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Joe Maddon seems pretty focused in the dugout, but there's only one force of nature that can distract him. That would a gust mismatched wind created by one Craig Sager when he walks by between innings. From HR Derby via Sox & Dawgs, comes this clip played on Inside MLB following the game. Watch closely on the replay as Joe Maddon seems to blow a kiss in the general direction of the sideline reporter....

How could you not like Maddon? I guess it helps that your team is up ten runs, but the guy just doesn't ever seem to not be enjoying the game.

Even Joe Maddon Doesn’t Like Craig Sager’s Outfits (Sox & Dawgs)
Joe Maddon has the hots for Craig Sager (Homerun Derby)


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