Your Pammy Winners And New Standings After Week Seven

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote for the nominees from this past weekend. For the second week in a row, Lou Holtz absolutely destroyed the competition based on one of the most insane weekends that the Pammies have ever seen. Lou just might run away with this thing after his pep talk this week. Here are the Top Ten and the results as well as your updated standings at the bottom.....

10. "And Plain White Ts bring us into the second half here at Lawrence." - Joe Tessitore
"Are they the ones who did the "Delilah"? - Rod Gilmore

9. "Here's a question, Kirk: were those pigs wearing lipstick?" - Brent Musburger, as we get a shot of pigs in cages, ready to race

8. "Is it [the game] taking your mind off the economy, folks?" - Brent Musburger

7. "My partner Steve Beurlein is breaking out in a hot rash." - Craig Bolerjack

6. "They're warming up their booze ... I mean boos not booze booze." - Paul Maguire

5. "(North Carolina mascot) Ramses had a hard night, I guess. Looks like what Paul looked like this morning when we got in the car to come to the stadium." - Brad Nessler
"I bet his breath's better than mine!" - Paul Maguire

4. "College Football Prime Time here on ESPN...excuse me, I'm going to sneeze. (Sneezes.) My apologies. (Sneezes again.) Isn't television great?" - Mike Patrick
"You're a man of your word." - Todd Blackledge

3. "Colt McCoy's numbers are better than Vince Young's when he won the Heisman." - Lou Holtz

2."All of those orange fans up there. I would say to our players, they wear orange so they can cheer for their team. They'll wear the same orange outfit tomorrow to go hunting. And they'll wear the same orange outfit the last five days of the week in order to pick up trash."- Lou Holtz

1. "You're talking about one game. One damn game. The guy was not, the guy was....the guy WAS NOT a good quarterback last year. It was very disappointing. We're talking about the best quarterback. Not who had the best day! Not who had the weakest damn schedule!!!"- Lou Holtz, after losing the debate segment on Colt McCoy vs. Tim Tebow

Standings After Week Seven: 1. Lou Holtz (48), 2. Pam Ward (40), 3. Mark Jones (21), 3. Mike Patrick (21), 5. Bob Davie (20), 5. Gary Danielson (20), 7. Brent Musburger (18), 7. Charles Davis (18), 9. Bob Griese (15), 10. Ray Bentley (14), 10. Andre Ware (14), 10. Kirk Herbstreit (14), 10. Paul Maguire (14), 14. Brad Nessler (13), 15. Sean McDonough (10), 15. Todd Blackledge (10), 17. Tom Hammond (9), 18. Pat Haden (8), 18. Brock Huard (8), 18. Petros Papadakis (8), 21. Joe Tessitore (7), 21. Alex Flanagan (7), 23. David Norrie (6), 24. Jesse Palmer (5), 24. Ed Cunningham (5)

Others Receiving Votes:
Craig Bolerjack (4), Terry Gannon (4), Dave Pasch (3), Dave Archer (3), Rod Gilmore (1)

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The doctor is in...the lead!

The Rabbi said...
Oct 15, 2008, 2:50:00 PM  

I can't believe everyone missed Andre Ware's discussion about the sun and shadows during the Illinois-Minnesota game. It was a classic, but I was no where near a computer to post.

Anyway, the punt returner (an Illini, I think), sort of did a half fair catch sign, putting his arm half way up, so the official called the play dead on his reception of the punt.

Ware tried to make the argument that the returner was only trying to shield his eyes from the sun. In doing so, Ware circled the shadow — which was IN FRONT of the return man — explaining how the sun was directly in front of him.

Ummm, hey dumbass, the sun was BEHIND him, that's how shadows work. It was great, one of the all-time best.

Anonymous said...
Oct 15, 2008, 3:55:00 PM  

wow ward must be mad she just blew a 20 point lead in 2 weeks

Anonymous said...
Oct 15, 2008, 4:05:00 PM  

Outstanding. Way to go, AA readers. You chose wisely.

Lou is a train wreck.

Anonymous said...
Oct 15, 2008, 6:51:00 PM  

Does Lou Holtz just hate the longhorns?

Anonymous said...
Oct 16, 2008, 5:41:00 PM   Apr 7, 2009, 4:06:00 PM  

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