Your Week Seven Pammy Nominees

Monday, October 13, 2008

Every Monday you will have anywhere from ten to twenty quotes to pick from and your votes will decide our weekly winner and ultimately the grand champion. I'll have the winners and new standings up tomorrow and be sure to cast your vote at the bottom.

I was out of the loop for the entire day, but both S2N and all of you commenters killed it! I pulled a grand total of seventeen quotes to select from Here they are in no particular order....choose wisely!

The Pam Ward Chronicles: Week Seven

1. "(North Carolina mascot) Ramses had a hard night, I guess. Looks like what Paul looked like this morning when we got in the car to come to the stadium." - Brad Nessler
"I bet his breath's better than mine!" - Paul Maguire

2. "Colt McCoy's numbers are better than Vince Young's when he won the Heisman." - Lou Holtz (Vince Young never won the Heisman)

3. "Here's a question, Kirk: were those pigs wearing lipstick?" - Brent Musburger, as we get a shot of pigs in cages, ready to race

"Dantley pulled out a littler early." - Larry Coker

"The big news this week in Auburn was Tim Tuberville's decision to fire the offensive coordinator." - Verne Lundquist not realizing the coach's name is actually Tommy

"My man [Mark] Sanchez, does like Chase from Entourage." - Terry Gannon

7. "Is it [the game] taking your mind off the economy, folks?" - Brent Musburger

8. "They're operating with almost one hand tied behind their back in the red zone against this OU defense." - Kirk Herbstreit, ignoring that Texas had already scored 20 points -- they added another touchdown a play later

9. "This game had a lot of potential at the start. Potential is like popcorn in the microwave, some pop some don't." - Mark Jones

10. "College Football Prime Time here on ESPN...excuse me, I'm going to sneeze. (Sneezes.) My apologies. (Sneezes again.) Isn't television great?" - Mike Patrick
"You're a man of your word." - Todd Blackledge

"I had a [corny-dog] eating contest with our producer Bob Goodrich, and it was 12 to 14." - Brent Musburger, referencing the Texas State Fair

12. "And Plain White Ts bring us into the second half here at Lawrence." - Joe Tessitore
"Are they the ones who did the "Delilah"? - Rod Gilmore

13. "All of those orange fans up there. I would say to our players, they wear orange so they can cheer for their team. They'll wear the same orange outfit tomorrow to go hunting. And they'll wear the same orange outfit the last five days of the week in order to pick up trash."- Lou Holtz

14. "They're warming up their booze ... I mean boos not booze booze." - Paul Maguire

15. "My partner Steve Beurlein is breaking out in a hot rash." - Craig Bolerjack

16. "Some of that might be Casey Clausen's cadence." - Brad Nessler referring to Jimmy Clausen drawing an offsides on UNC

17. "You're talking about one game. One damn game. The guy was not, the guy was....the guy WAS NOT a good quarterback last year. It was very disappointing. We're talking about the best quarterback. Not who had the best day! Not who had the weakest damn schedule!!!"- Lou Holtz, after losing the debate segment on Colt McCoy vs. Tim Tebow

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People will be tempted to vote for Lou this week but I beg you not to. Paul McGuire, the worst in the business, came on STRONG this weekend...just like his breath apparently.

GMoney said...
Oct 13, 2008, 4:20:00 PM  

Screw you, I'm voting for Lou.
And stop begging, beotch.

Anonymous said...
Oct 13, 2008, 4:44:00 PM  

Sexual references are always a hoot. Vote for the Coke-head in week 7. It's the not change you can believe in.

Edward Greene said...
Oct 13, 2008, 4:48:00 PM  

No Todd's Taste of the Town Hilarity? I figured for sure that was bad (and by bad, I mean funny) enough to make it on the list.

Justin F. said...
Oct 13, 2008, 4:51:00 PM  

I voted for #3.

Not eligible for nomination now, but during the Toledo-Michigan game, U-of-M radio PbPer Frank Beckmann called Toledo the "Mud Hens" instead of "Rockets" at least 4 times.

Oct 13, 2008, 7:12:00 PM  

Thank you for doing this. I just found this blog, and I literally cried from laughing so hard.

I'll try to contribute in the future, as there's a decided lack of Doak Walker quotes included in the nominations. Doak might be clinically retarded, so I'm not sure if that precludes him for being a Pammie award recipient.

BCMike said...
Oct 15, 2008, 1:05:00 PM  

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