Tim McCarver Sings The Hits (And He's Actually Kind Of Good!)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

If you were watching FOX Baseball over the weekend, you may have been one of the precious few to get a preview of Tim McCarver's new album! MLB on FOX, played some of the songs for the viewing audience, and what was a surprise to everyone, it really wasn't that bad. Via The Sporting Blog....

McCarver has a new album coming out called Tim McCarver Sings Selections from the Great American Songbook. My assumption is that there is no actual printed songbook he reads from (if there is, I want video), but rather the concept of great American classics that people have chronicled together. And classics they are. McCarver's dulcet tones serenade us with the likes of "One for My Baby (And One More For The Road)" and "Gone With The Wind."

But here's the thing – by the sound of it, McCarver can really sing. When the Fox telecast cut back from a break they showed the Phillie Phanatic dancing to one of the old classics and play-by-play man Howie Rose made the joke that we weren't listening to Frank Sinatra play over the PA, but McCarver instead. And after hearing his 'talk-as-singing' style that Sinatra made so famous, it was quite a pleasant sound. If you're a sports fan and a fan of old crooners, this album will be right up your alley as nobody in sports is as old and 'croony' as McCarver.
Who would have thunk it? Maybe McCarver should consider a career move. In fact, I think everyone should buy it from Amazon now, so we can plant that seed.

Press Coverage (The Sporting Blog)
Tim McCarver Sings Selections from the Great American Songbook (Amazon)

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