Your Week Three Pammy Nominees

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Here are the quotes that need your votes (in no particular order). Be sure to choose wisely, and I'll let you know who the results by the end of the week.

Pam Ward Chronicles: Week Three

1. "The hand signals allow him to call more things, they're like sign language." - Bob Griese

2. "So if you have to land that water plane on land how do you do it?"- Terry Gannon
"It has wheels on it"- David Norrie

3. "Javid Breast."- Chris Spielman

"Husky fans looking for a little purple haze."- Terry Gannon

5. "I was impressed by his thickness." - Chris Speilman

6. "He hurt his ankle in the first week of the game."- Pam Ward

"So it'll be 1st and ten at the 52 yard line..."- Todd Harris

"He's got great eye vision."- Gary Danielson

9. "Did you know that it's "National Talk Like A Pirate....Day""- Brent Musburger

10. "They say that revenge is a dish best served cold. Well this one has been served cold and wet." - Mark Jones

11. "David Nelson will get an ear feel from his coach."- Gary Danielson

12. "He's got an eye patch, I'm sorry, an ice pack, over his forehead." - Erin Andrews

"I gotta think that the USC Trojans are going to eat that one out."- Ray Bentley

14. "A bing, a bang, and a bong."- Gary Danielson
"Sounds like a late night college experience"- Verne Lundquist

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I'll be going on a hilarious scale this week. Really, Verne?


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