John Madden To Be A Special Advisor To Roger Goodell

Thursday, September 10, 2009

You knew John Madden wouldn't be able to stay away from the game for long, but this is a rather quick move. Madden is now Roger Goodell's "special advisor", and will aide the Commish on things like player safety, and coaching development. Via ESPN....

John Madden is back in the NFL as an unpaid "special advisor" to commissioner Roger Goodell.

The league announced Thursday that Madden, who retired as a broadcaster earlier this year, would advise Goodell on "matters pertaining to the game, including competitive issues, coaching and personnel development, technological innovations, player safety, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame."

"When I retired from broadcasting, I didn't retire from my passion and interest in the game," Madden said in a statement. "This position enables me to continue that."

Madden will chair the Coaches Subcommittee to the Competition Committee, which reports in prior to the league's annual meetings. He will also participate in meetings of the General Managers Advisory Committee and talk weekly with Goodell or someone else on Goodell's staff.

"It was an offer we couldn't refuse," Goodell said in a statement.
The guy is really a Football genius, so as Goodell said, it was a no-brainer. Now we just wait until he officially changes the term Touchdowns, to Favredowns.

Madden joins NFL in advisory job (ESPN)

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"Now we just wait until he offically changes the term Touchdowns, to Favredowns."

When did Frank Caliendo start writing for this site?

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