Bobby Knight Did What????

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

You're kidding me right? He hit a player? How did I not find about this sooner? Why didn't ESPN cover this at all?

Just messing around. Of course it's everywhere, and I would have made a post but couldn't find the video. Instead I waited a day and found this gem from CSTV. Unlike the spin on ESPN...CSTV tells it how it is.

Also see our favorite title for a Knight Post....

Bob Knight Hits a Player, Also Known as Monday (Saved by the Blog)

And the place that always seems to have the info first these days.....

Bob Knight Getting Slap-Happy (The Big Lead)

I'm really proud of you sure do pick the right people to back.

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To be fair - who doesn't love some fuzzy frog lovin?

Also, watching the IU-Butler game was torture enough as is, without the constant showing of the 'slap' and listening to the huge man-crush Dick Vitale has on Robert Montgomery Knight.

Is it too much to ask that Knight not be mentioned during an Indiana broadcast - just once maybe?

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