Wednesday, November 29, 2006

So I've been slacking a bit lately. I know all of you are disappointed in me, but hey....everyone needs a break now and then. With the O's signing 70 old relievers, the Redskins fans thinking they have a shot at the playoff, and the Wizards under performing.....I'm a little bitter.

But then the Terps come in and get me all excited again. It's an addiction I swear. So I'll be back in full force later this week, and in the meantime I give you a Brent Musburger quote and two great sports "articles" on sports announcing and one on sports writing.

"The Illini need to start jackin' it here"- Brent Musburger on the Illini losing to MD late in the game
John Madden Remind Viewers of Importance of Quarterback to NFL Teams (The Onion)
"If Denver, for example, didn't have a quarterback, they could maybe hand the ball off to the running back, but there's absolutely no way the Broncos could pass the ball to the receivers. Frankly, I don't know how the Raiders do it."
Pop-up to Second Baseman Reminds Sportswriter of Relationship With Father (The Onion)
Angell wrote in his essay entitled Pine-Tar Heart. "And from that mighty cut, a white egg tumbled from the heavens back into its safe leather nest, resistant to flying away and leaving the men who love it and need it. Only in baseball and fatherhood can a swing so utterly well-intended and so utterly perfectly orchestrated fail so utterly in its attempt to produce the desired results."

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The Onion is fantasic.. also you should check out, it's pretty much a low key version of the Onion devoted entirely to sports

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also, along the same lines as the brushback

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