Kevin Durant Drops 46 In The Rook-Soph Game

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Rookie Challenge and Youth Game is just about the most boring game on the planet, but this year's contest was actually a bit entertaining. There were less terrible alley-oop attempts, an actual semblance of plays being run, and one Kevin Wayne Durant. Not only is the kid having a ridiculous season (25.6 ppg, 6.7 reb, 2.8 assts), but he set a Rookie-Sophmore record with 46 points tonight.

Here is the dunk that capped the whole performance off, and his interview after the game....

Not only did he beat the previous record, but he crushed it by ten points (Amare Stoudamire - 36). Just an amazing kid, and he's now on the "must watch" list with Lebron, Kobe, Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. At least that's my list at the moment.

Oh and by the way, as much as I can't stand Lebron as a player, I have to say he was really good on the mic with Kenny and Kevin Harlan. Now excuse me while I pen my next hate column on the lazy, Cavs' Forward.


Just think when the Oklahoma City Thunder team will look like next year with a lottery pick.

Western Conference is on notice now...

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