Charles Barkley: "I Like To Drink"

Thursday, February 19, 2009

In his first sitdown with Sports Media since his New Year's arrest, Charles Barkley chose Dan Le Batard as his destination. Among the topics were the details surrounding the arrest, his endorsements and his drinking issues. From 790 The Ticket via SbB....

The crazy part of the whole interview isn't really those comments, but rather the fact that the talk was over 50 minutes long! That was just the first three minutes. Other than that, I can't really tell a grown man what to do with his life, so I just hope Charles can come to happy medium with his drinking and gambling. It's not an easy thing, but his job and well-being depends on it.

FYI- Barkley will be conducting another interview with Ernie Johnson before the start of Inside the NBA tonight.

The Dan Le Batard Show (790 The Ticket)
Barkley’s 1st Post-DUI Interview: “I Like To Drink” (Sports by Brooks)


I like to drink, too, Chuck. But I don't like paying for BJ's. To each his own.

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