Strahan To Get His Own Sitcom?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Michael Strahan has been all over the place as of late. Since Strahan announced his retirement and joined up with FOX, the former DE has been a correspondent for various programs and was even a guest star on the NBC show Chuck. Well according to the NY Daily News via The Big Picture, Strahan could be getting his own sitcom....

Michael Strahan will be on the tube, too. We hear the 6-foot-5 ex-Giant is in negotiations to star in a Fox sitcom, having gotten a taste of the laugh track on “Chuck.”
Hmmm, not sure how I feel about that one. Sure, Strahan is entertaining and occasionally funny, but the star of his own sitcom? That might be a bit of a stretch. Here's his performance on be the judge....

Meanwhile, back at the raunch (NY Daily News)
Michael Strahan to star in FOX sitcom? (The Big Picture)


Ex-defensive lineman in a sitcom? Brings to mind "Webster" starring Alex Karras.

Perhaps Strahan and a 38-year old Emanuel Lewis could team up in a buddy-buddy/odd couple type show (with occasional cameos by Bradshaw and Glazer). Who wouldn't watch that?


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