Favre To FOX Rumor Gaining Some Traction

Monday, May 12, 2008

I mentioned this the day after the Packers QB retired but apparently the rumor that networks were scrambling to contact Favre has been validated by a current studio personality involved in contract discussions. Barry Switzer was talking with Scout.com when he dropped this little nugget.....

That’s why FOX included Switzer on its studio show last year, pairing him as a “Grumpy Old Man’’ with long-time friend/nemesis Jimmy Johnson. But Switzer told me on Friday that while the network is still negotiating with him about a role, FOX may replace him on its totem pole with another legendary name.

“Well, they’re talking to Favre,’’ said Switzer as we both attended OU’s Honorary Degree luncheon on the school’s campus. “I still think they want me involved in some way. But with Brett. … they might pair him in a segment with (Terry) Bradshaw, I don’t know. … It’s a lot of fun for me, but there’s only so much time (available) on that show. And, hey, he’s Brett Favre!’’
I would be all on board for replacing that pointless "Grumpy Old Men" segment, but having Favre as a gimmick and not a host would probably get just annoying. I have nothing against Southern gentlemen discussing anything, but with the way FOX does things they'd probably call it Rednecks in the Red Zone and have them talk about crawfish and hunting.

While the move would certainly make a splash for FOX not every player is right for TV. I just don't see Favre providing anything exciting week to week, but I could be wrong.

Switzer Speaks: Favre to Fox? (Scout)

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Ugh, if it wasn't for Jay Glazer, the Fox show would be intolerable.

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