Peter Abraham Is A Fan Of Good Analysis

Sunday, May 11, 2008

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MLB Trade Rumors mentioned a Peter Abraham story earlier today that ran down a bunch of guys who could or should be dealt this summer. I don't normally click on links in posts like that, but did so in this case, for whatever reason. It must have been the Hand of God, because who else did Abraham mention as being "on the hot seat"?

Joe Morgan (announcer, ESPN): Morgan told a radio show last week that it was different back in his day because the players didn't have to deal with such indignities as women reporters being allowed in the clubhouse. That sort of antiquated thinking is similar to the "analysis" he provides on Sunday nights. ESPN needs an influx of talent in its baseball coverage, and finding a replacement for Morgan would be a good start.
I have no further comment.

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Is there an implication there about the prevalence of blow-up dolls and other slumpbusters in the Big Red Machine's locker room? "In MY day, we didn't have to worry about getting caught -- I mean, nobody dared invade the sanctity of the clubhouse."

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