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Monday, August 28, 2006

Not only is this a links post, but it's my 100th!!!!!!! Yay me. I was out of the loop most of today, but here are a few tips I got over the weekend from some excellent readers.

I encourage you all to do the same. If you see something out there that's wacky, completely wrong, or just down right retarded, send it my way. I'll give you full credit of course (and a bottle of liquor if you're lucky).

Also, I had planned on starting a Skip Bayless Review, but as The Big Lead and Deadspin have reported.....Skip is gone from page 2. So in his honor for the next week, I'll be counting down the best of Skip Bayless, so stay tuned. Onto the links......

Tip #1- Comes from Jeff at the The 26th Man.

"In the top of the seventh, Juan Pierre led off a single. Johnny Miller then sent the mic to sideline reporter (in baseball, would that be “foul line reporter”?) Bonnie Bernstein, who noted that Jay-Z is somewhat of a fan of Pierre. Who knew, right?

Well, Bon-Bon said that Hova marveled at the way Pierre ran the bases for the Marlins during the 2003 World Series against the Yankees.

Jay enjoyed it so much that he gave a shout-out (as the kids say) to Pierre in “Deja Vu,” his recent joint with Beyonce. Bernstein then quoted the opening couplet verbatim:

“I used to run base like Juan Pierre
Now I run bass, hi-hat and the snare”

I’m pretty sure that when he says “run base,” he’s not talking about baseball."

See this is the type of stuff you need to send me. Not only is it hilarious as hell, but Jeff has a great blog, and has a permanent reader in me now to go along with this link (I know all of you want me as a reader....don't even try to kid yourselves).

Tip #2-
Comes from Dave at dl004d The Blog. It's from a Wall Street Journal Article by Allen Barra. Now that I think about it I'm going to give this email an entire post tomorrow. It's too darn good to give you just snipets, but here's a taste (sorry Will)....

Ten sweeping statements for which there is no statistical defense
August 26, 2006; Page P14

"Compared to baseball, pro football analysis is still in the Stone Age. From the opening kickoff in the NFL's first game, Miami against Pittsburgh, on Thursday, Sept. 7, to the two-minute warning of the Super Bowl on Feb. 4, you'll hear announcers making sweeping proclamations for which there is no statistical basis. What's the truth about pro football's top 10 cherished myths?

2. "You need a strong running game."

That's the one ex-coaches-turned-TV-color-men love the most. Do the numbers support it? Last year, the Atlanta Falcons led the NFL with 2,546 yards on the ground, 323 more than the Super Bowl champion Steelers. The Falcons finished 8-8.

History says if you can play defense and pass well, you can win with average running. In other words, if the Arizona Cardinals don't improve their passing and overall defense, the acquisition of Edgerrin James won't get them any closer to the playoffs."

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i remember hearing about that at school. good laugh.
i think that in honor of us being in the bloggers fantasy league, it wwould be appropriate grounds for a link exchange??

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Skip Bayless...gotta love it

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