Knight Apparently Doesn't Enjoy His TV Job THAT Much

Monday, February 02, 2009

Bob Knight has said recently, that he enjoys his analyst role at ESPN and that he wasn't itching to get back into coaching. Well, at least until the Georgia job came available. The original report came over the weekend from the AJC, but now even ESPN is commenting on the situation....

I don't know why Knight would want to take on a team that's a work in progress, and one that definitely won't be making the Tourney, but I guess you never forget your first love. Georgia would be crazy not to hire him and Dickie V certainly agrees....
"I don't even know if he would take a job but I know Georgia has a lot of positives going for it in the scenario there and I think he'd be interested, I really do, but I can't speak for Bob Knight," Vitale, who works with Knight as an ESPN college basketball analyst, said in a telephone interview.

"To me it's no contest, if Bobby Knight is interested in Georgia basketball it's no contest," Vitale said. "He's so good I'd come with him as an assistant. I'd be his chauffeur."
Bob Knight interested in UGA job (AJC)
Vitale says Georgia should hire Bob Knight (International Herald Tribune)


Well, what do you know? The drama-queen publicity whore wants to get back to leading teams into the NIT.

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