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Sunday, June 10, 2007

(No matter how it may appear, OMDQ is not a slacker. He is a professional who takes this weekend gig very seriously)

It took six hours of child birthing classes and many more hours at my grandmother's 85th birthday party (which was awesome, by the way - all four of her kids, all eleven of her grandchildren and all four of her great-grandchildren were present and accounted for, the first time we've been able to say that in years), but I have finally been released to once again return to my weekend sanctuary and begin briefing Awful Announcing's legion of fans on the world of sports (or at the very least, posting stupid YouTube videos).

And what the hell happened today? Not the biggest sports day ever, of course, but not a bad one. Justine Henin won the French Open for a Federer-like third straight year. Rags To Riches, a filly with the only chance at injecting any excitement into the Belmont Stakes, won the race, the first time in 102 years a lady horse had done so. Roger Clemens returned to the major leagues with a win over the Pittsburgh Pirates. And tomorrow, Roger Federer attempts to complete the career Grand Slam and cement his legacy in the French Open final against Rafael Nadal.

Anyway, nothing requires me to leave my apartment until Monday morning (hopefully), so we can get down to business around here and talk about some of this stuff. To quote the great Randy Quaid in the class film, "Independence Day": "Hello, boys...I'm baaaaaaaaack!"

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