Is It A Full Moon Or Something?

Sunday, June 03, 2007

I expect behavior like this from Ozzie Guillen, Jim Leyland, or Lou Piniella, but you know something is wrong in the world when GRADY LITTLE gets ejected from a game for arguing with an umpire. The umpire even commemorated the special occasion, Karl Ravech noted, by banishing Little with his left hand.

Seriously, Grady Little is quite possibly the most laid back human being on the face of the earth. If he was tossed from more than three games in two seasons as Red Sox manager, I would be shocked. He approaches umpires in anger so rarely that there isn't even a good "angry" picture of him to use here.

Ironically, just about the only manager in organized baseball who hasn't been kicked out of a game this week is the guy pictured above, Bobby Cox, who I believe is currently tied with John McGraw for most career ejections. Based on what we've seen lately, however, he'll be in sole possession of that record in no time.

Photo: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Online

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