The Weekend Links: It's Crazy Time For Baseball Managers This Week

Sunday, June 03, 2007

(posted by OMDQ)

The author of Bang The Drum Slowly has died. I really need to reread the book and rewatch the movie soon (Can't Stop The Bleeding)

"Booger Red" is the 88th greatest Royal of all time (Royals Retrospective)

Just because Michael Barrett kicked A.J. Pierzynski's ass doesn't mean he's tough (Babes Love Baseball)

The media's irrational love of all things Erstad can be really irritating sometimes (Fire Joe Morgan)

Pot, I'd like you to meet the kettle (The Extrapolater)

From someone who has spent the last several seasons watching teams managed by Grady Little and Terry Francona - thanks, Lou (Diamond Hoggers)

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