Return Of Tha Live-Blog: Eastern Conference Finals Game 5- 2nd Half

Thursday, May 31, 2007

We're on to the second half. Can Lebron ever have a good 3rd Quarter? Can Flip Saunders not blow this game??? All of that and more after the jump.

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10:00- Quick start by Detroit as they open it to a 5 point lead. Lebron misses a jumper, but Gooden follows it up. He needs to be on point this half. Prince answers with an O-reb at the other end, and he's another guy that needs to step up his game. Those are his first points. And he hits a three!!!!

Prince pushes the lead to 8....timeout Cavs.

10:08- Wow...Chuck Daly is stylish. Z hits, and a Webber turnover gives it back to the Cavs. Z goes to the free throw line as Webber picks up his third. 5 point game. with about 9 to go.

Prince destroys Hughes, and gets an easy layup. Great move....he's got that all day. The Cavs take a crazy shot at the shot-clock buzzer. Prince got fouled but no call, but Gooden misses at the other end. Lead at 7.

10:13- Lebron misses an easy jumper, and the putrid 3rd quarters continue. He gets to the line on the following posession as he drives into the lane.


How hard is this....just go in there every damn time! This is starting to drive me crazy. Rip goes to the line at the other end as we approach 6 minutes left to go. He hits both and the lead is back to 7.

I really think the team that drives into the lane the most the rest of the game will win. It's really that easy. Sasha hits a three, and Detroit turns it over. Lob to Lebron and he misses....and he looks hurt. He caught his hand on the rim....that's gotta hurt.

10:15- Moving screen called on Z, and he's got 4.....Andy back in. Detroit is going to Prince everytime, and they pick up an illegal d technical....which Chauncey misses.

4 point lead as the Pistons just aren't finishing the Cavs off. Lebron gets a low-post basket.....Actually IN THE LANE!!! Holy crap! He drives the lane again, and gets an easy drop-off pass to Varejao for the layup.

Seriously....Mike Brown and/or Lebron.....just do this EVERY DAMN TIME!

YouTube just now loaded the McDyess foul, so here that is....pretty sketchy call if you ask me (conspiracy theory!)...

65-65, under 4 minutes to go.

10:23- Sheed misses a turnaround, and Lebron misses a jumper. Again you see our theme? Rip hits a jumper and the lead is 2 with 2:30 to go. Gooden's not called, but he misses an ill-advised jumper and picks up a foul in the process. He's playing like ass.

Another defensive 3 on the Cavs, and Rip gets a throw. He hits...three point lead.

NOW WE'RE TALKING! Prince throws down on Sasha. I thought that was a reverse layup all the way, but his big-ass arms turned that into a wicked dunk

5 point lead for the Pistons.

10:26- Lebron misses yet ANOTHER jumper! I hate this's so frustrating.

He hits a fadeaway in the lane thought, and the lead is cut to three (key the lane). Last shot of the half.....

GIBSON FOR THREE! Buckets. Rip hits a half-courter but it doesn't count, and we're tied going into the 4th.....


Start of the 4th, and I think this is Cleveland's game to lose. Lebron hasn't done anything special, and they're poised to win this thing. Their confidence has to be through the roof.

10:34- Andy hits a shot, and gets a block at the other end.

"The team that's won the 4th quarter every game has won the game."- DC, Hmmm, do you think that could possibly happen again Doug? I think it's likely considering it was tied at the end of the 4th.

Hughes is fouled shooting a three, and that was a horrible foul. Lebron is on the bench, and the Cavs have opened a three point lead as Hughes misses 2. Ouch. Sheed fouled on a good drive. Wallace gets another try down low, and schools Andy on another great move. 1 point Cavs lead.

Gibson banks in a helluva shot....back to 3. Back into Sheed, and he's murdered, but no call....Billups misses a three. Pistons get the ball back, and Webber hits a hook. Pretty much every time Webber touches the ball he scores....Z just can't match his quickness.

75-74 Cavs.

Steve's refreshing thoughts, "Who is the only player in NBA History to win an NBA title before age 23 and average 20+ points in the regular season"

Easy....Kobe. Correct! Everyone should have gotten that one.

10:42- Z hits a jumper and picks up a very weak 5th foul on Webber. That hurts, but he stays in. C-Webb hits a tip-in, and I expect the Cavs to go right back in there. Sheed is on him, but he hit anyway. 3 point lead for the Cavs.

Detroit misses, and Cleveland turns it over.

OMDQ says....The absolute best part of this game (besides the fifteen minute nap I just took)? The Transformers commercial. Looks cool.

I get goosebumps when Tyrese yells, "BRING IT!!!!!"...every time.

6 minutes left.....

10:46- Hamilton fouled at one end, but no call....James hits a mid-range jumper to push the lead back to 3. Another offensive rebound after a Webber miss, and Hamilton goes to the line. A couple of words exchanged, and we're at a break....

81-78 Cavs with 5:28 left.

10:50- "Cleveland does look fresher."- Steve Kerr, very very true.

Two throws for point game. OHHHHH! Sheed rejects the shizz out of Bron Bron. Oh, I take that back....he fouls the shizz out of Bron call. Rip gets two from the line.

Offensive foul on Pavlovic as he wards of Prince. Bad idea jeans there to take that shot by Pavs. Sheed misses a dunk, he's fouled. Detroit up 1 with Sheed shooting two. He hits both and the lead is 3.

10:55- Gibson misses a three, and Hamilton answers at the other end. Cue the YMCA! Pistons up 5.

New TBS Baseball Announcer Tony Gwynn will be on the postgame show. That's synergy my friends.

Cavs turnover, and Rip is fouled by Danny Gibs. Shooting 2. Lead is 7 for the Pistons....3 minutes to go.

10:58- Great Great Great move by Lebron and he gets a layup (in the lane) and the foul. He misses the throw but Pavs gets the board. Gooden loses the ball on the way up, but gets bailed out by a terrible foul call. Pistons fans chant "B.S.", and the announcers say nothing. Timeout.

88-83....2:49 left.

11:03- If any of you watch House of Payne I will personally kill you.

Gooden bricks the hell out of the first free throw, and hits the second. 4 point game. Rip misses a floater, and Lebron nails a DAGGER! at the other end. One point game...under 2 minutes.

Billups gets raped on the take, and no call. Lebron gets grabbed at the other end, and will try for two at the line. Wow, he misses the first.....Cavs 2-8 from the line in the 4th. HE MISSES BOTH!!!! Choke....ahem*

1 point game still...approaching 1 minute left. Gooden misses a wide-open shot and Detroit clears it out. TO.....54 seconds to go.


Turnover on Sheed, and it's Cleveland ball with 40 ticks left.


Thanks for waiting until the last minute guys...I haven't been waiting all game or anything.

91-89 with 20 seconds left.

Lindsay Hunter on Lebron James, and he just uses him. SLAM DUNK! He got fouled on that too, but no call. Quick do you put Maxiell and Hunter on James during crunch time?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

9.5 seconds left....

BILLUPS!!!!!!!!!!!! No. Just missed it. OVVVVVVVVEERRRRRRTIME!

Now we're talking.....David Blaine is still weirding me out, but we're onto another thread.

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Drew Gooden seriously looks like he gave his head a Brazilian wax. It's so terrible...and yet...I can't look away.

-Digital Headbutt

Anonymous said...
May 31, 2007, 10:21:00 PM  

The absolute best part of this game (besides the fifteen minute nap I just took)? The Transformers commercial. Looks cool.

May 31, 2007, 10:36:00 PM  

And the Cavs start to piss down their legs

AdamAnt said...
May 31, 2007, 10:55:00 PM  

barbershop commercial played out already...all the truck commercials... Can't get the Lebrons or anything fresh

AdamAnt said...
May 31, 2007, 10:58:00 PM  

THAT is the LeBron we've all been waiting for.

May 31, 2007, 11:06:00 PM  

I think Gus Johnson hijacked AA's live-blog there for a minute.

May 31, 2007, 11:10:00 PM  

gus johnson should so live vlogs somewhere
i would watch every single one, even if it didn't have to do w/ a sporting event

Sam said...
May 31, 2007, 11:11:00 PM  

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