That Is Way Outside Karl Malone's Normal Range

Saturday, May 26, 2007

(This post was lovingly prepared by One More Dying Quail)

The only thing that could possibly top the musical selection on this clip would be Gus Johnson doing the play-by-play. It might have killed him.

If you're looking for awful announcing, well, look no further. Videos like this make me thankful I grew up prior to the YouTube age. The worst I ever did was tape recording play-by-play action for Hardball when I was twelve.

Posted by One More Dying Quail at 2:50 PM


oh man, that was intense...

- b said...
May 26, 2007, 3:15:00 PM  

Josh from The Beautiful Game and I are at some high school soccer action and, OMDQ, you just made our fucking day!!!

terrible loss for the rockets. devestating.

May 26, 2007, 4:28:00 PM  

Ahh, I had to come back and watch this again. The thing is, the music totally could have been some random thing that NBA JAM automatically kicked in with in double OT. It just fit that well.

- b said...
May 28, 2007, 4:40:00 PM  

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