Weekend Links: Saturday Edition

Saturday, May 26, 2007

(I am...OMDQ)

Kim Cowherd must have been a fan of The Big Lead (Can't Stop The Bleeding)

Thinking outside the box with regards to the Duke lacrosse team (Nation Of Islam Sports Blog)

There is something VERY weird about looking at a picture on the Internet and seeing a picture of yourself within it. That said, I didn't know that topless shots were allowed in this contest...which is probably a good thing (Ladies...)

I wrote about Eddie Grant, the first Major League Baseball player to be killed in combat, earlier in the week. This post puts me to shame (What in the Wide World of Sports is Going on Here?)

The scouting report on Ken Jennings: insanely intelligent, but might not have a good grasp of social history (With Leather)

That does it: I am totally inviting Al Jefferson to my birthday party this year (TrueHoop)

Scott Boras may be a jerk, but he's a jerk who is good at what he does (Lion in Oil)

Another installment in the most informative series on the Internet (The Big Picture)

Why aren't we all over Bud Selig's case about attending the game in which this record is broken? It's stood longer than that silly homerun mark, after all (Signal to Noise)

Longing for the days when the Indianapolis 500 meant something (Rumors and Rants)

Fantastic story that is only tangentially related to the 2001 Stanley Cup Finals. I still want to know why Squid wasn't arrested. I want answers; I feel I'm entitled to them (A Price Above Bip Roberts)

Someday, I hope to be important enough that people send their lawyers after me (The Big Lead)

Time to start getting into that summer mindset (Gheorghe: The Blog)

How to pick a new bandwagon when your team sucks (Feeding the Goat)

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