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Sunday, May 27, 2007

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About 1/3 of the way through the Indy 500 (about 70 laps) and your leader is Tony Kanaan, with Marco Andretti, Sam Hornish Jr., and Danica Patrick all in the running.

According to the TV people who get paid to learn such things, Kanaan opted against a pit stop a few laps ago because a weather specialist hired by his team is predicting rain at some point, possibly cutting the race short, so he's racing with that in mind.

AHHHH! Milka Duno has crashed! She's done for the day. (Can there possibly be anything scarier than your car crashing and just sitting in the middle of the track? I know they slow everything down and make it as safe as possible, but come on - they're still going pretty fast out there).

Update: Check that - after Kanaan finally went into the pits, Sam Hornish Jr. took over first place.

Update: Worth mentioning - the two ladies left in the race (Danica Patrick and Sarah Fisher) are running 19 and 24. Kanaan has dropped back several positions to 12. Dario Franchitti and Sam Hornish Jr. are running 1-2.

I'll be in and out for the rest of the race (mostly out). Any additional commentary on my part will be after the jump. If anyone has any thoughts, feel free to drop them in the comments.

2:35 - Milka Duno just conducted one of the greatest interviews in recent memory. The sideline reporter (for lack of a better term), I think it was Jamie Little, asked about the crash that took her out of the race. Milka doesn't speak English very well and was pretty much incomprehensible. After she stopped talking, all Jamie Little could come up with was, "Glad to hear you're alright." Good stuff.

2:58 - This is neither here nor there, but I really enjoy that new Visa check card commercial. The one where the guy pays with cash and everything grinds to a halt was stupid because it was wrong; how often is cash slower than a card? But this one, where the lady writes a check and it takes forever? That's believable.

For the record, we have rain on the way within minutes, with Kanaan, Marco Andretti and Danica Patrick running 1-2-3.

3:03 - It's official: they're shuttin' it down for the time being, after 113 laps. The above running order still stands, so Kanaan wins if they aren't able to get going again.

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Not sure whose doing the play-by-play since I came to the race late, but the reach around he was giving Daughtry almost made me induce vomit. His play-by-play isn't much better. Can't we get Paul Page back?

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