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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Or can Dwayne Wade change your mind?

Last night’s edition of NBC’s “Deal Or No Deal” featured contestant Arthur Joseph, a “Miami Heat superfan.” The models that open the cases were all wearing Heat jerseys. The episode also featured a message from Heat G Dwyane Wade on the court at AmericanAirlines Arena. Wade offered Joseph two season tickets, the opportunity to sit courtside for one game and meet him and C Shaquille O’Neal, the autographed “jersey off my back,” a Heat championship ring with Joseph’s name on it, a team poster with Joseph in it signed by all the players, “exclusive access to next season’s Miami Heat video shoot” and a trip to his native Trinidad where the Heat would refurbish a basketball court in his honor with their logo on it. Wade: “It’s time for you to decide: Heat or no Heat?” The offer was worth $60,700, and an additional $10,000 in cash made the total deal offer $70,700. Joseph accepted the deal despite the $1M case still being in play.
Idiot! Just kidding....that's love for a team right there. There's also a debate today after Joey Crawford called a foul for Wade on Howie Mandel even though the host has a germ phobia and rarely touches people. David Stern could not be reached for comment.

(Synopsis via SBD)

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From the link: I have OCD," he confesses. "I can't shake hands. I hug, I pound, I just won't lick or shake."


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Jun 14, 2007, 3:11:00 PM  

If you're a sports fan, you take that package in a heartbeat. You still get 10 G's and that's 10 more than you came there with.

GMoney said...
Jun 14, 2007, 4:04:00 PM  

Wow that's a sick package....I'd take that with my team over a mill. anyday. team is the Lakers so two season tickets probably cost about a million dollars.

Ap said...
Jun 14, 2007, 4:41:00 PM  

Yeah, for Lakers season tickets, you could Stub Hub those bad boys and make your money back easy.

NFL Adam said...
Jun 15, 2007, 6:34:00 PM  

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