Random YouTubeage: Lebron vs. Sleepy and Jordan

Friday, June 01, 2007

I was going to come up with this elaborate post on Lebron, but really what more can be said? I asked Lebron to step up in an away game, and he single-handily crushed an entire city. One that thought they were a shoe-in for the Finals.

So I was thinking about that question from last night again, and could only come up with two possible examples of possible better 10-15 minute spans during playoff games. One was Sleepy Floyd's 29 point quarter in Game 4 of the 1987 Western Conference Finals, and the other was Jordan's Game 1 performance against the Blazers in 1992.

You know what the difference between those two and Lebron's performance last night? Both of those were played on home courts. Check out the videos below of each.

Sleepy Floyd's performance was amazing for that one quarter, but technically Lebron did his for 3 stanzas....The 4th Quarter, The 1st Overtime, and the 2nd Overtime.

And while he didn't set any records like Jordan....In my eyes, Lebron James gave us the single-best 10-15 minute performance in a Playoff game in the modern age of the NBA. Simply amazing.

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