Ex-Lightning Marketing Exec, Gets Employment Boost From Son Via Youtube

Monday, March 16, 2009

It's a gray Monday here on the East Coast, and given the current times, it makes days like this even more depressing. That's why this story is perfect for this afternoon. Mark Gullett, the Tampa Bay Lightning's marketing director, was recently downsized. Lucky for him though, his son Ben, saw it coming and decided to make a Youtube video touting his dad's credentials for potential employers.

Not only is the video one of the more heartwarming things you'll ever see, but it's actually working! From Florida Today via Deadspin....

On Thursday, Mark Gullett lost his job and the video was posted on YouTube.com. Within 24 hours, they’ve already gotten a couple hundred e-mails and a couple of job leads, the father said. By Friday evening, the video had been viewed more than 800 times.

Ben Gullett, 14, said he made the video “just to show him that I love him and stuff.”

“I thought it was very touching,” Mark Gullett said.

Father and son worked on the script together, and Mark helped with the editing after Ben wrote down what he wanted to include.

“We both had some ideas that we wanted to include in it,” Ben Gullett said. “But I came up with the idea that my dad is a good marketing guy and that I love him and I’m going to be here for him.”
Man, that's love right there and just a great story. Here's the clip, and I warn you that you should have a box of kleenex nearby....

Teen helps dad find job on YouTube (Florida Today)
Florida Kid Uses Youtube For Good Not Evil (Deadspin)

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Pathetic. What kind of jackass needs his son to help get him a job.

/Monte Kiffin!

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