Congress Prefers Football Over Sex

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

For those of you not in the know there is a case going on here in DC about a "company" that "serviced" a good number of high ranking officials in the Nation's Capital. The madam has been in and out (pun intended) of the news for a bit now, and know she's naming names and giving up records.

Well what does this have to do with Sports you ask? In a 1994 letter to her employees Jeane Palfrey outlined what's good and bad for business...

"Congress is back in session. This always helps to boost business," Palfrey, 50, crowed in a 1994 newsletter to her employees reviewed by ABC News.

But "that damn 'Monday Night Football' ... ruines [sic] business every single Monday night."
The Madam allegedly made $2 million over 13 years working from California....she wasn't even in the District. That's talent right there. She starts naming names on Friday, so it should be a fun night in DC!

'MNF' ruined business every Monday night, 'Madam' fumed (NY Daily News)
Washington sexual fantasy service 'madam' identifying clients (LA Times)

(Sorry for the late start today...internet issues. I'll have a Photo Caption post up soon and I'll be posting a little later than usual tonight.)

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Doesn't everybody prefer football over sex?

Shit, did I say that outloud?

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