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Monday, May 07, 2007

Okay this is beyond ridiculous, but apparently SportsCenter is branching out even more. Not only can you now get the show in an ESPN Zone bathroom, and on your phone (if you are one of the lucky ones with ESPN Mobile), but you can get it at your local gas station too....

Gas Station TV, based in Oak Park, Mich., has already mounted 1,000 screens in Atlanta, Dallas and Houston and plans to expand to New York, Chicago and Los Angeles next month. GSTV will add more cities and hopes to have 6,000 screens up this year.

Anybody filling up SUVs might see a repeat because the programming at the pumps lasts only 41/2 minutes.

The programming will include content from ABC News as well as ESPN.

And for now anyway, star SportsCenter anchors don't have to be worried about being consigned to hanging around gas stations all day: The programming will be done by ESPNews announcers.
You know, seeing Michael Kim while I'm freezing my ass off in Winter filling up my car WILL make me feel better.

It's a gas: ESPN at pump (USA Today)

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