Familar Faces In New Places: Steve Kerr Is Out At TNT

Friday, June 01, 2007

Way to ruin my day True Hoop! One of, if not the best, analysts in the game is leaving TNT to run the Suns. According to Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic Steve Kerr has taken over the GM duties for the Phoenix Suns....

The Phoenix Suns plan to name Steve Kerr as the team's President of Basketball Operations and General Manager in the coming days, replacing Mike D'Antoni as the team GM to keep his focus on coaching.

Kerr, an original partner in Suns Managing Partner Robert Sarver's 2004 purchase of the franchise, will complete his duties as a TNT analyst for the Eastern Conference finals before the team makes the announcement next week. Kerr, who helped facilitate Sarver's opportunity to buy the Suns, has been one of Sarver's trusted advisors in basketball decisions over the past three years.
Wow. You call one of the best individual performances in NBA History one minute, and then take over one of the best jobs the NBA has to offer. Great job Steve.

But in all selfishness what does this mean to us/me? Well, more than likely it means a booth of Marv Albert and Doug Collins. If Doug Collins announces like he did last night then this won't be that bad of a move. If he doesn't shut up (like every other game this season) then it will be a long season.

Here's another option though.....Remember when TNT had Charles Barkley do a couple of game with Marv? The had great chemistry and were hilarious together. I mean the Dick Bavetta Race came out of that. Why not do a Joe Buck/FOX thing and take Inside the NBA on the road??? You can have Chucky do the pregame, and then jump down to the booth for the start of the game. Ernie and Kenny can then critique him during halftime, and Charles comes back for postgame.

I'm a genius....I know. And that idea alone let me create this masterpiece......

Oh the joys of blogging. It's the little things folks.

Steve Kerr to Run Suns (True Hoop)
Kerr to be Named Suns GM (Arizona Republic)

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Favorite Doug Collins quote from last night (after LeBron misses two free throws in the 4th quarter):

"You gotta wonder if he'll attack the rim aggressively after missing those..."

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