A Cowboys Writer And ESPN's Ed Werder Go At It

Friday, October 03, 2008

I don't know what it is about this year, but there have been a ton of fights between reporters as of late. Everyone in Chicago wants to beat up Mariotti, the Raiders brass wants to fight reporters at the Mercury News and now ESPN reporter Ed Werder is getting in on the action.

Werder is almost always at Valley Ranch to cover the 'Boys for ESPN but his and the network's handling of the most recent T.O. situation has garnered him a few enemies in Big D. Nick Eatman of DallasCowboys.com has some choice words for the writer and a little bit of a tiff broke out yesterday. PFT has the details....

Per a source with knowledge of the exchange, they debated whether the question was aimed at getting a response from Owens that then could be used as proof of a problem in Dallas. As they talked, things started to get a little heated. Eventually, Werder walked away. While doing so, he made a comment regarding Eatman’s overall credibility, given that he writes for a team-owned publication.

Eatman responded by suggesting that ESPN specifically tries to get its reporters to stir things up. And there might have been an “F” bomb or two added to the message.

Werder returned, and the two continued to jaw for a bit. Though it never got physical, others eventually stepped in to ensure that it didn’t.
Whoa. The funny thing though is that they're both right! Of course ESPN creates and molds stories because they're in the business of making money. I'm sure it's not always deliberate, but it definitely happens. I'm also not familiar with Eatman's work, but you if you're working for a team it's not likely that you're going to be doing any bashing of the players or coaches.

Hopefully everything is worked out because if Werder is kicked out of the ranch, ESPN won't have anywhere to send him. Wendi Nix owns Green Bay, Rachel Nichols has the Patriots and Sal Pal is in Philly. Well they could get him an apartment next to Brett Favre's place in NYC to try and listen through the walls for info. Hey, anything is possible with ESPN's collection of stalkers.....er, reporters.

Werder, Eatman Exchange Pleasantries (Pro Football Talk)

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I thought maybe it was Irv Eatman and he beat the shit out of Werder.

E Buzz said...
Oct 3, 2008, 7:33:00 AM  

granted eatman writes for a house organ. but for werder to suggest bspn doesn't have agendas or is somehow on a higher ethic plateau than a house organ is beyond laughable.

in many ways, a house organ has more credibility than bspn.

Anonymous said...
Oct 3, 2008, 9:25:00 AM  

Ed Werder acting like a tough guy is just hilarious to think about.

GMoney said...
Oct 3, 2008, 10:57:00 AM  

Ed Werder is only one step below Skip Bayless and Jim Dent in the Dallas Douchebag League. Is that Bob Sturm's bald head in that picture?

Anonymous said...
Oct 3, 2008, 11:56:00 AM  

ESPN should just drop the facade that it's an objective reporter of news.

Viewers(and readers) know that it's in the tank for certain teams and players. Even entire leagues, the ones for which it has broadcast rights.

League without ESPN broadcasting rights get little to no reporting.

Anonymous said...
Oct 3, 2008, 9:36:00 PM  

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