Monday Night Football Week Five: Pregame

Monday, October 06, 2008

Who: Vikings at Saints
Where: The Superdome
Why: So we can hear all three in the booth talk about how the Saints drafting Reggie Bush, was actually a good move.
Spreads: Saints -3.5, O/U 47
Announcers: Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski, Tony Kornheiser

MNF Links:

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Monday Night Countdown Segments:

“Unmasked:” Adrian Peterson
See what drives this sophomore sensation to be the best as Countdown goes under the helmet with Peterson.

ESPN the Magazine's “For Love or The Game:” Scott Fujita
“For Love or The Game” Countdown segment that matches a player’s significant other against a teammate to see who knows them best. This week, Fujita's wife, Jaclyn, and his teammate Charles Grant battle.

EA Sports Virtual Playbook: Reggie Bush in space
Countdown’s Cris Carter takes you on the virtual playing field to show how the Saints create big plays for Reggie Bush in the passing game.

“Soundtracks:” Adrian Peterson
Get a unique look at what it's like to be a star running back in the league as Adrian Peterson – wired in the Vikings Week 2 loss to the Colts.

Weekly Monday Night Countdown Segments: Field Pass, Quarterback Conundrum (Steve Young and Trent Dilfer offer their views on topical issues), Teams at 20

AA's Prediction:

This is a tough one that I see going either way. The Vikings are desperate for a win, and they're going to come out strong, but in the end I don't think they have enough weapons outside of A.P. to keep up with the Saints....

Saints 27 - Vikings 17


Bryant McKinnie being back + the Saints rotten defense = Vikings start their winning streak

GMoney said...
Oct 6, 2008, 5:39:00 PM  

I may be one of the few that sees this game going lobsided for New Orleans. Brees and the Saints will get off to a big lead early and the Vikes won't be able to keep up in a shoot out.

Saints 35 to 17.

You heard it here first.

JFein said...
Oct 6, 2008, 6:36:00 PM  

That Virtual Playbook stuff is cool. Kinda want to play Madden on it.

Cdog923 said...
Oct 6, 2008, 7:05:00 PM  

"Countdown’s Cris Carter takes you on the virtual playing field to show how the Saints create big plays for Reggie Bush in the passing game."

See, they want him to get open, in space, then they throw him the ball, in space.

hollywood wags said...
Oct 6, 2008, 7:10:00 PM  

Go Saints

Assslippy said...
Oct 6, 2008, 7:21:00 PM  

If you could see the game going either way, why did you pick a team to win by 10 pts?

Drew Breezey said...
Oct 7, 2008, 10:22:00 AM  

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