Thiesmann Still Using MNF To Get His Name In The News

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Almost exactly a year ago, Joe Theismann was venting his feelings on being fired from his spot in the Monday Night Football booth. Theismann went on a media campaign to explain his displeasure with the new product and took every opportunity to bash Tony Kornheiser and Ron Jaworski. It's not that his thoughts on the new booth weren't right, but rather how he went about it. He just couldn't move on.

Well he's back again, and is coming across even more bitter towards Tony and the "Leader's" new "focus on Football" policy. Via ....

"I still think Tony's out of place," he said. "Tony was hired to do a job in a football booth that, first of all, didn't suit him. And it didn't suit the venue, the venue being football, period. Tony doesn't belong in a booth. What he adds and what he brings, ok, has a place. But it doesn't have a place in the booth, and I think he's gonna retire after this year....

"And you've got to remember, I got fired from ESPN because I talked about football. And now, their main emphasis after two years of trying to do it the other way, is going back to talk about football."

So I asked whether that migration would be gratifying to someone who's been so vocal about keeping the broadcast focus between the lines.

"No, it's not gratifying at all," he said. "I built that product. Remember, I started there. I started there in year two, I spent 18 years going through the games in the studio, then doing Sunday Night Football, then doing Monday Night Football. So to watch the product and not be a part of it, it hurts a little. To say it doesn't bother me, I would be lying. But I'm slowly getting over it. I mean, they've gone their way, I've gone mine."
Waiiiiit a minute. First of all, Joe, you did the exact opposite of "building the product". In fact you destroyed. Second, I know you're upset about getting fired, we all would be, but jesus man....move on! Maybe....just maybe....they used the "not focus on Football" line as a way of letting you down easy? Sure you "talked about Football", but you talked about it like a four year old who has English as a second language.

I don't mind people expressing their opinion on Tony Kornheiser not being right for the MNF booth, but Joe Theismann bringing him up whenever he can get press, just rubs me the wrong way. Pot meet kettle.

Theismann on Kornheiser and the Booth (DC Sports Bog)
Joe Theismann Rips Into Tony Kornheiser (Awful Announcing, Oct. 2007)


Look, I'm no Tony Kornheiser apologist but this is getting really old. Theismann just looks like a bitter whiny baby everytime he talks about Tony. Get over it. we all know Tony sucks on MNF, and it won't get him off the air or you back on it.

Ted said...
Oct 1, 2008, 10:32:00 AM  

Couldn't have said it better myself Ted.

Anonymous said...
Oct 1, 2008, 10:40:00 AM  

Just because someone sucks at their broadcasting job, that doesn't negate the fact that you sucked just as hard, Joe.

GMoney said...
Oct 1, 2008, 10:41:00 AM  

I like Jaws in the booth when he's breaking down coverages and all that kinda stuff.

I still think a night with TK/Theismann in the booth together would be pretty damn entertaining. Their arguments made for some great comedy. Who would've thought that Theismann's stupidity would've brought out the best humor in TK? Sure, he was probably (ok definitely) super condescending to Theismann, but most of JT's comments asked for it.

Yeah, I just referred to Theismann as JT.

Patrick said...
Oct 1, 2008, 10:48:00 AM  

Look I thnk Toony has been nice to Theisman every time anyone that interviews Tony has brought up his name for Tony to respon to coments that Theisman has made in prior interviews, and every time Tony has taken the high road, but if Theisman keeps this up, Tony will go all out to distroy this putz. If you thought Tony's rant agaisnt Paul Farhi was bad, just wait until he gets to Theisman. All this coments and rants that Theisman has had regarding MNF and Tony over the past year or so, shows what kind of person Theisman really is... A disgusting human being.

Anonymous said...
Oct 1, 2008, 11:11:00 AM  

Joe Theismann is the worst NFL analyst in the history of television. He even makes Dan Dierdorf look intelligent.

Brad James said...
Oct 1, 2008, 2:14:00 PM  

Why can't they just go with a two-man booth? Virtually all other games are covered by two-man booths, and the best duo, in my opinion, is on Sunday night. I think Jaws and Tirico work well together and would be able to adequately cover all the on- and off-field aspects of the Monday night game.

Jay said...
Oct 1, 2008, 3:58:00 PM  

Ok, I believe Joe vs. Jaws is a better comparison...I don't remember both in the booth or am I losing it?
Yes, Tony is maybe not what we want but isn't Jaws Joe's replacement?
And they never would have both in the booth...oh yea, they had Joe and Whatsisface...Paul Maguire? That wasn't a great booth either.

Anonymous said...
Oct 1, 2008, 4:22:00 PM  

Hey Theezeman - shut the hell up.

Anonymous said...
Oct 1, 2008, 6:51:00 PM  

Joey T. and Baby Boomer Esiason --- two of a kind. Remember when the Idiot Norman got fired from MNF and went on a rampage against Al Michaels, Michael Eisner and 30 other people. Blamed everyone but his own dopey ass. He was worse than Theismann. Still is, in fact.

Anonymous said...
Oct 1, 2008, 7:27:00 PM  

And they never would have both in the booth...oh yea, they had Joe and Whatsisface...Paul Maguire? That wasn't a great booth either.

And Mike Patrick on PBP

Anonymous said...
Oct 1, 2008, 10:49:00 PM  

This is reaching Sean Young/Catwoman proportions.

FJT said...
Oct 2, 2008, 2:51:00 PM  

I think Joe is referring to the Monday Nigt game where the Giants snapped his leg like a Thanksgiving turkey wishbone.

He built that product.

Hell, I tuned in every monday night just on the outside chance that they would replay the video every time Joe said something stupid.

sanity has gone south said...
Oct 2, 2008, 5:45:00 PM  

Theismann over Kornheiser. Theismann, for all his faults, has a clue. Kornheisers "humor and insight" might have worked with the over the air audience, but hes like that annoying fan at the game who thinks he knows it all..and when he freely admits to not knowing and why should I care? (See:Tampa Bay Rays), why should we.

Once ESPN took the MNF rights to cable, they should have stayed with a pbp guy and two ex players. This is the 21st century. You can find ex players with personality and game smarts.

Anonymous said...
Oct 4, 2008, 8:45:00 PM  

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