Warren Sapp Moves From Bashing The Raiders, To The Dolphins

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I keep forgetting that Inside The NFL is on Showtime, but luckily for me, Warren Sapp keeps saying controversial things to remind. This week's comment is on the Dolphins' "Wildcat Offense" and Warren wants you all to know that he think it's "disrespectful". Via ESPN's AFC East Blog....

Warren Sapp, found on page 142 in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most inflammatory sports commentator, considers the Miami Dolphins' exotic Wildcat offense an affront to the intelligence of opposing defenses.

"This is disrespectful to all defenses," Sapp said on Showtime's "Inside the NFL" roundtable Wednesday night. "It's disrespectful. You're taking the best player in the game, the quarterback, and you're putting him out wide, outside the numbers, and you put the running back in the back.

"How the hell you going to throw the ball? I'm not even thinking about throw right now. I'm going to get everybody in the gap. It's just power 'O.' You have the running back with the ball already in his hand."
I'm not quite sure why Warren Sapp is so offended, or that he doesn't remember Ronnie Brown throwing a TD pass, but....okay? It's not like the Dolphins are world beaters this year, so I don't really see what the big deal is. I like Warren's honest approach, but you start to force stories....that's when your credibility starts to slip. You don't have to say something off-the-wall every week, but I guess as long as ESPN picks it up each week, then you mind as well keep it up.

Sapp calls Dolphins offense 'disrespectful' (ESPN's Blog Network)

Posted by Awful Announcing- at 3:55 PM


They've beaten the Pats and Chargers using that offense. They aren't good enough to just lineup and go athlete-for-athlete with almost any team in the league. I have no problem with this at all. What's wrong with getting the ball into the hands of your best player more? Isn't that the whole point of an offense anyway?

GMoney said...
Oct 9, 2008, 4:05:00 PM  

Warren Sapp, found on page 142 in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most inflammatory sports commentator

I call bullshit on that, unless it's like those local Emmys where one TV station is running for an award unopposed.

Oct 9, 2008, 4:34:00 PM  

Maybe when opposing defenses start to stop the formation, Warren can quit being offended by it.

Jay said...
Oct 9, 2008, 5:06:00 PM  

The fact that nobody has stopped it yet should tell you how much respect these defenses deserve.

Anonymous said...
Oct 9, 2008, 7:04:00 PM  

Still lookin for a spot for the ridiculous shit I'm hearing:

"Ya know, the great thing about Manny Ramirez, among many, is that he's a great 2 strike hitter."
-McCarver is tryin to dig himself out of a hole.

Anonymous said...
Oct 9, 2008, 9:09:00 PM  

@bazooka jones:

I can deal with the droning of Buck & McCarver as long as Fox doesn't show the Joe Buck rental car commercial.

Oct 9, 2008, 9:20:00 PM  

Credibility starting to slip? Warren Sapp lost his credibility a long time ago.......That's if he was even credible in the first place.

S. Evans said...
Oct 9, 2008, 9:50:00 PM  

Just keep dancing Sapp.

Anonymous said...
Oct 9, 2008, 10:34:00 PM  

If I didn't know better I would think Sapp is suggesting the NFL is like the WWE and that Miami didn't get the memo about not deviating from the script. Sapp is a moron (but, I repeat myself). Isn't the idea to win games? Isn't it the offensive coordinator's job to figure out how to beat a defense? And isn't it the defensive coordinator's job to stop an offense? I mean, boo hoo, the DC has to come up with a complete new defensive scheme. Cry me a river.

Dave said...
Oct 10, 2008, 1:21:00 AM  

Ronnie Brown is disrespectful to dirt! Join him or die, can you do no less?

Owen Good said...
Oct 10, 2008, 12:49:00 PM  

How are the Dolphins being disrespectful. They have an obligation to give themselves the beest chance to win, and the Wildcat works, so why mess with success? Perhaps one day, NFL defesnes will stop these gimmick plays, and then the Dolphins will have no choice but to beat opponents straight-up. Sorry to offend the great football god, Warren Sapp.

Brad James said...
Oct 10, 2008, 1:48:00 PM  

I think blitzing if also disrespectful, because it doesn't give the quarterback adequate time to throw the ball.

Dan Marino said...
Oct 10, 2008, 2:20:00 PM  

Not for nothing but has Sapp seen how far Chad Pennington throws the ball?

Anonymous said...
Oct 13, 2008, 12:53:00 PM  

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