1,100,000,002,100,000 Ankles Will Be Broken This Year

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kobe has another "Ankle Insurance" spot on Youtube out today, and while the first one was entertaining, I think this one bests the original. Kobe first talks about the "One Thousand, One Hundred Million and Two, One Hundred Thousand" ankles that will be broken and then, playground legend Deion Wilcox, explains how to file a claim and "get back on your feet". Via NESW Sports....

Can Nike do any wrong when it comes to commercials? Just about everything they've put out in the last year has either been breathtaking ("Leave Nothing" spots) or hilarious.

File a “Broken Ankle Claim” with Kobe, Nike Commercial (NESW Sports)


I just don't understand how anyone can like this guy.

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