Chris Berman, And His Hair, Still Enjoy Media Day

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I bet Chris Berman is wishing that the Super Bowl was back indoors in either Houston or Detroit, because his hair is all over the place at Media Day. For some reason, the NFL Network had the ESPN host on for a round table discussion about all things Super Bowl. It wasn't really that exciting (outside of watching his hair), and it was basically a rehashing of that odd ESPN press release, but I thought I'd still let you check it out....

Interesting that the NFL-N would bring on a host from a competing network, and not that bad of an interview. I'll try to keep my eye out for some more Media Day clips to send along, but so far it's been pretty boring. The Cards have already gone, and the Steelers are up in a few.

(Photo via KSK)


"Big Ern McCracken" anyone???

GMoney said...
Jan 27, 2009, 1:27:00 PM  

Holy shit I had to post, Berman just used my favorite Dylan quote, WTF?

"I was so much younger then, I'm older than that now."

joe said...
Jan 28, 2009, 4:16:00 AM  

Why can't Berman ever speak like this? He might be enjoyable...or not.

Anonymous said...
Jan 29, 2009, 7:09:00 PM  

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