Dana Jacobson Gets Her Shot Swatted By Braylon Edwards, Doesn't Hate Blogs

Monday, January 19, 2009

I know I made a vow not to mention her for a good while, but I think this item is funny enough, and/or positive enough, to lift the ban for the moment. Every year, Curtis Granderson holds a Celebrity Basketball Tournament, and this year Dana Jacobson took part. MLive's It's Just Sports has both the hilarious account of her play on the court, and also a brief interview where she says she doesn't hate blogs....

Edwards, who along with Nelson were the two best on the court, destroyed a Dana Jacobson shot during the game. I remember playing basketball at recess in elementary school. Sometimes girls would play. They weren't very good, but the unwritten rule was always to let them shoot. Most in this game followed that code, allowing the two girls, Jacobson and Haglund, as well as Faris (not a girl, but he was on Project Runway, so that should tell you his basketball skill level) to shoot unimpeded when they had the ball. Well, Edwards wasn't playing nice and as Jacobson launched a shot, Edwards threw it back across halfcourt, allowing someone on his team (I think Terrell) to get a breakaway layup.

Dana Jacobsen Interview

Q: What brings you out here?

A: I'm from Michigan, from West Bloomfield. Curtis called and said come do this for his charity and he's always there for me and I'm here for him and it's a great cause.

Q: You had really weird incidents with blogs, any hard feelings carrying over from that?

A: Nope. No. No.
Considering the hell she went through over the past year or so, that's a great attitude to have. Also, you never do that to a girl, Braylon, unless you're in Middle School and are using the tactic to flirt with said girl. It's a much more tactful approach than punching them in the arm.

Field trip to Curtis Granderson's Celebrity Shootout: Dana Jacobson, Drew Henson, Braylon Edwards and Rashad Evans actually talked to us (It's Just Sports)


Note to self: 5 Hour Energy is better for basketball players than Belvedere vodka.

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I'd hit it...

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Who's the dude with the goatee in the pic? He's got that Trey Wingo from the Roast smile going...

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