George Clooney, A Talk Show Host, A Catcher And A Doctor Walk Into A Bar....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Of all the random things in this World, none could be more random than the presence of Johnny Bench and Dr. Joseph Morgan, appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show with George Clooney, and thanks to Big League Stew, we have the clip! According to, everyone from the Chippendales to Barack Obama to Brad Pitt, have tried to get Danny Ocean on the show, but only the "Big Red Machine" could get it done!

BLS has a second, less basebally clip in case you're interested, but Joe Morgan doesn't actually say anything crazy or funny. Actually he doesn't really say anything at all, but it's still an entertaining watch.

Eh, why not?: Video of George Clooney and the Reds on Ellen (Big League Stew)
Reds legends help 'Ellen' land Clooney (

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Does Bench have a notecard stuffed in his pants? I bet that it's chock full of interesting and false Joe Morgan tidbits.

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