Mavs-Celtics Open Thread

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Teams: Dallas Mavericks vs. Boston Celtics
Location: TD Banknorth Garden, Boston, MA
Start Time: 1:00 PM EST
Announcers and Network: Mike Tirico, Hubie Brown (ABC)

Maybe "open thread" is the wrong term. I'll be watching, and while this is by no means a live blog, I'll be chipping in some observations as we go, hopefully.

1st Quarter

Is there anyone left who doesn't think that the Jason Kidd trade was a bad idea? I see the rotations early, and one would think that Rick Carlisle would have found a good way to put Devin Harris to use.

Dirk is 0-7 so far, and Dallas is working way too hard, thanks to the Celtics' defense. On offense, Hubie's right -- it's pretty much lay-up and kick-out drills. Even Brian Scalabrine is hitting 3s.

Ray Allen drops another 3. I'm not sure if the Celtics have missed one yet.

Hubie Brown's a little terrifying in HD.

Rondo pops a nice jumper to end the quarter, 38-23, Cees.

2nd Quarter

Another defensive breakdown by the Mavs when Scalabrine finds Eddie House on the backside just before the shot clock expires. Lead is 12 after Dirk hits one.

Mark Cuban should take MattyIce's suggestion of an oxygen tank for Kidd. Yikes. Another score and it's a 14-point lead again.

Now this is just Maryland-like on the part of the Mavs. 25 point lead on the same basic lay-in or kick-out for long shot offensive principles for Boston. Another jumper for Rondo. Remember how everyone knocked him and said you had to keep him out of the lane? Now, if that jump shot's as consistent as it looks, he'll be just as feared as the Big 3 down the line.

The Mavs have no handle right now. The passes aren't crisp at all and it's no surprise that they're turning the ball over.

Another House 3. 31 point lead.

Lead's now 36. Lazy pass, steal, kick out to House -- 72-41. Man, screw this game. That's 10 first-half 3s for the Cees. Ridiculously efficient shooting. Probably still over 65% for the game. OK, now it's merely a 28 point lead again.


4 quarters of Hubie Brown is going to make me want to kill myself. STFU.

MattyIce said...
Jan 25, 2009, 1:13:00 PM  

I can deal with Hubie. He talks too much, but most of the time it's at least about basketball.

Signal to Noise said...
Jan 25, 2009, 1:32:00 PM  

This is the same Mavs team that blew out the Pistons Friday Night?

Jan 25, 2009, 1:34:00 PM  

someone get an oxygen tank for kidd, he can't deal with rondo

MattyIce said...
Jan 25, 2009, 1:34:00 PM  

Florida-Vandy isn't that much better at the half. I might stick with that if Raftery keeps up the "Ian Eagle is short" jokes.

Jan 25, 2009, 2:25:00 PM  


No, this looks like the Mav's team that lost by 34 to the Bucks

Rob in WI said...
Jan 25, 2009, 2:29:00 PM  

I know, Rob in WI. I'm just gonna hate seeing the Pistons get blown (blowed?) out on National TV 3 times (Houston, Boston, Cleveland) in the next week.

Side note: Congrats to Pizza Hut on making your Tuscani Pasta commercials less believable.

Jan 25, 2009, 2:36:00 PM  

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