Joe Torre Takes Aim At His Former Team

Sunday, January 25, 2009

(George and Joe, in happier times.)

Happily ensconced in L.A. until he decides to hang it up for good (seriously, don't expect any blame for the Dodgers to fall anywhere but the McCourts, and in most cases, rightfully so), Joe Torre has decided to put his former team, the one he won four world championships with, on blast.

The New York Post paid for a copy of a book he co-wrote with SI's Tom Verducci (my bet is that Torre talked into a tape recorder and Verducci assembled the narrative into something approaching literary form) called "The Yankee Years." Apparent highlights:
  • Alex Rodriguez is known as "A-Fraud" among his own teammates, and has an unhealthy obsession with Derek Jeter (justifying every parody blog post and joke made on that matter)
  • Team doctors told George Steinbrenner that Torre had cancer before they told Torre
  • Brian Cashman sold the manager down the river, not telling the ownership that Torre wanted a two-year deal to remain as manager
Plenty to snack on for the Yankee Haters among us (myself included), but let's just say that the upcoming season will determine how much attention is actually paid to this -- if the Yanks' off-season spending works in their favor while Torre manages to scrounge out another NL West title (and don't front, Manny Ramirez will go back to L.A. because they're the only ones who are serious about signing him), no one will remember this book much.


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