Breaking: NBC Sending Al Michaels Back To The Olympics

Thursday, March 05, 2009

In one of the more interesting moves as of late, NBC announced today that Al Michaels would be involved in Olympic coverage for the first time since 1988. Michaels will be the host of the network's daytime and weekend Winter Olympic coverage, and will be putting in over 50 hours of work over the seventeen day event. Via NBC PR....

Emmy Award winner Al Michaels, one of the most renowned broadcasters of all-time and whose legendary "Do you believe in miracles? YES!" call at the Lake Placid Olympics 30 years ago stands as the most famous call in sports television history, will serve as host of NBC's live weekend and weekday daytime coverage of the Vancouver Winter Olympics. The announcement was made today by Dick Ebersol, Chairman, NBC Universal Sports and Olympics.

This will be Michaels' first Olympic broadcast assignment in 22 years when he called hockey games at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. Michaels will host more than 50 hours of live weekend and weekday daytime coverage from Vancouver, a significant increase in hours from NBC's daytime shows from Torino in 2006.

"I've loved the Olympics since childhood and to have a chance to be a part of the coverage again, especially on the 30th anniversary of the Lake Placid Games, will be a thrill," said Michaels. "I am very excited about the opportunity to work another Olympic Games."
I had absolutely no desire to watch the Winter Olympics (except for Hockey), but now that the most famous voice of the game is involved, I might actually check them out. Good move, NBC.


If these mean that Tiki will not be involved, I'm all for it.

GMoney said...
Mar 5, 2009, 1:24:00 PM  

I guess Jim Lampley is either ofdf or has been relegated to another hosting gig.

Michael said...
Mar 5, 2009, 1:39:00 PM  

San Diego Ken will be happy to see you watch hockey.

49er16 said...
Mar 5, 2009, 1:48:00 PM  

Al Michaels could make a grown man sit down for two hours of curling. Good job NBC, but couldn't you bring Madden in on satellite feed too?

JayPwn said...
Mar 5, 2009, 1:49:00 PM  

The only event Madden could make more entertaining (in comical value only) would be figure skating. I am sure he would be great at explaining the difference of a double lutz and a triple lutz.

Math Geek said...
Mar 5, 2009, 2:02:00 PM  

I think this is a great move by NBC,However, I thought Dan Patrick was going to be hosting some Olympic stuff, but I guess it won't be in Prime TIme or Daytime.

sportsfan25 said...
Mar 5, 2009, 3:48:00 PM  

I don't think Keith Olbermann will be doing so as well.

JamesCraven said...
Mar 5, 2009, 9:05:00 PM  

I don't think Keith Olbermann was supposed to be part of NBC's Olymmpic coverage, but I think one of the reasons why Patrick joined NBC besdies duing Football Night In America, was to do some Olympics sutff. But then again NBC usees so many other channels for Olympics coverage, that I think Patrick might be hosting one of those channel's Olympic coerage.

sportsfan25 said...
Mar 5, 2009, 10:25:00 PM  

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