Charles Barkley Had A Heck Of A Day Yesterday

Friday, March 28, 2008

Charles says something outlandish just about everyday, so you know it has to be extra special for him to make these pages. Well yesterday was just that crazy. Chuck started the day on Dan Le Batard's radio show bashing ESPN and personalities like Mike Lupica, Jemele Hill, and Jay Mariotti and then ended his night by saying he wanted to grab some lady's "popcorn".

790 the Ticket Audio

The fun starts about a quarter of the way through. Here some of the quotes via The Big Lead:

“Seems to me that the white guys don’t know anything about the sports and all the black guys want to talk about race … Jay Mariotti, Skip Bayless, they don’t know anything about sports. Jason [Whitlock] and Jemele Hill, they always talk about race, because they know that’s controversy.”

“If it wasn’t for guys like myself, all these quote, unquote, sports fans would be listening to Skip Bayless, Jay Mariotti, Mike Lupica - the little midget … I like ESPN a lot, but they want to dominate the world.”

“I’m not going to let all these losers, like Bayless and Mariotti and Lupica … they can say what they want to. I’m gonna say what I want to. They’re going to deal with it or they’re going to shut the hell up. I don’t care.”

“ESPN rode all those clowns out there everyday like they’re experts in every sport … first off, they’re not experts in every sport. Trust me - Jay Mariotti, Skip Bayless, and now, Jemele Hill - they’re just people giving their opinion. They’re not the law, and they’re not that important. Get that straight.”
Well that was fun wasn't it? Well later in the night on TNT he went especially off the deep end and we have the rundown via reader IANJ.....
They played a clip of a TrailBlazer falling into a female fan, spilling her popcorn and then taking some from her bag and eating it. Ernie Johnson then asked if Charles would have done the same thing. He basically said he wouldn't have grabbed the popcorn, bur rather her breasts." I would have grabbed the other popcorn".

He called out Rick Mahorn after video played of an altercation when they played and told Mahorn he would have beat his ass.

He mentioned that he "hated" a ref when he played, and if he saw him in the street, he would run over him with his car, and then back up to make sure he got him.

He abused Kenny saying "How long is he gonna milk this pregnancy thing"
Great day all around for the Chuckster. I'm still looking for the popcorn clip but Odenized has the referee clip, which is pretty funny.....

Barkley Sounds Off on “ESPN Clowns” (The Big Lead)
Charles Barkley hates Mike Mathis (Odenized)


I literally recorded over the popcorn clip. Sorry!

Ryne Nelson said...
Mar 28, 2008, 11:48:00 AM  

Love him or hate him, Charles is definitely a breath of fresh air in a stale industry.

Bruce said...
Mar 28, 2008, 12:13:00 PM  

He is 100% right on the mark regarding ESPN though Whitlock is no longer employed by The Four-Letter Network but he definately has gotten much of his exposure based on his views of race.

Anonymous said...
Mar 28, 2008, 12:43:00 PM  

He's right about Bayless, Lupica, Jemele, and Marrioti. Excellent work as always, Chuck.

GMoney said...
Mar 28, 2008, 12:44:00 PM  

He's not wrong. Those talking heads ESPN have up there know nothing and their ignorance 'shines' especially on around the horn (which is unwatchable).

Anonymous said...
Mar 28, 2008, 3:21:00 PM  

Blogger GMoney said...

He's right about Bayless, Lupica, Jemele, and Marrioti. Excellent work as always, Chuck.

No doubt about him being right. I for one am getting sick of Jemele Hill. I watch "Jim Rome is Burning" for the fun of it sometimes, even if I can't stand Jim Rome himself. The people he gets to "guest host" are so stupid, especially Jemele Hill. She hosted this week, and my god. She hurts my head so much. Barkley may be a bit crazy at times, but when it comes to these select few people he's talking about, he's right on the money.

Anonymous said...
Mar 28, 2008, 6:07:00 PM  

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