Your Next Host Of The ESPY Awards Is!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oh man, you're not going to believe this one. The collection of ESPY Award Hosts is an amazing group of the most random people you will ever come across. Let's check out them out again just for the hell of it: Lebron James, Jimmy Kimmel, Lance Armstrong, Matthew Perry, Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, Jimmy Smits, Norm Macdonald, Jeff Foxworthy, Tony Danza, John Goodman, and Dennis Miller.

Who could they possibly bring on that was even more random than all twelve of the former hosts? This guy.....

NEW YORK - Justin Timberlake is hosting an awards show — and it's not the Grammys.

ESPN has lined up the 27-year-old singer-actor to host its annual ESPY Awards show this summer, celebrating some of the best and funniest moments in sports over the past year.

The ceremony, to be held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles on July 20, will be televised live on ESPN, the network said Wednesday.

Timberlake says he's a sports junkie.

"I'll do my best to deliver a great show, as I do not want to be roughed up backstage by these athletes who are bigger, faster and stronger than me," he said.

Timberlake will be in the summertime movie, "The Love Guru," with Mike Myers and Jessica Alba. He recently showed a different kind of stage presence when he inducted Madonna into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
I don't really hate the guy, so I guess they could have done worse, but Justin Timberlake??? Just another step in the direction of MTV. Can we get Stu Scott hosting a daily countdown of the days best music videos set to Sports clips? It's the next logical step.

Justin Timberlake to host the ESPYs (Yahoo News)

Posted by Awful Announcing- at 1:04 PM


I was actually pleasantly surprised when I saw him on SNL--he was pretty funny. He'll probably do a good job. Not that I watch the ESPYs.

Anonymous said...
Mar 26, 2008, 2:55:00 PM  

Producers have denied rumors of a Linda Cohn "wardrobe malfunction".

Mal said...
Mar 26, 2008, 3:13:00 PM  

But it's in Timberlake's contract that there will be a Pam Ward wardrobe malfunction.

Anonymous said...
Mar 26, 2008, 4:01:00 PM  

AA, aren't you just fed up with ESPN's highlight reel of Bob Knight? And then at the end it says when he'll be back.. I'm sick of that!!!

Anonymous said...
Mar 26, 2008, 4:02:00 PM  

OK, anonymous, we get it, you don't like the Knight stuff. Go away now.

About this post, I was really hoping that ESPN was letting that dolphin host.

GMoney said...
Mar 26, 2008, 4:10:00 PM  

The ESPYs must die. I only watch the Arthur Ashe Courage Award (Though it might as well be named the Jimmy V. Award since everybody associates that his award speech) since it isn't a popularity contest.

JS Giguere winning the best hockey player award over Brodeur just because of a hot streak in the playoffs (Though average when it counted most) just showed the average fan vote is clueless.

Anonymous said...
Mar 26, 2008, 4:11:00 PM  

Leaves me to wonder one thing. Is he going to bring his dick in a box?

Anonymous said...
Mar 27, 2008, 5:20:00 AM  

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