Your NCAA Tournament Day Two In Quotes

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I thought it didn't get any worse than Bob Wenzel on Day One but boy was I ever wrong. The usually pretty reliable (usually) absolutely lost his mind and tried to pun his way through upset after upset in Tampa yesterday. He couldn't add at one point and called Klayton Korver by his brother's name Kyle about 15 times during the Drake game. Just a terrible day for him.

Here is your Day Two in quotes. Feel free to add any that I or the readers may have missed....

"Davidson with the longest winning streak in the America."- Jim Nantz

"I think they got Nichols from the rear."- Bill Ratery

"Only the Young survive."- Tim Brando (Via Joe)

"Oh It's so good to be Young and outstanding." - Tim Brando (Via Joe D)

"Curry took it back door."- Billy Packer

"That was Frank Gordon with the find."- Verne Lundquist
"To Gilmore."- Bill Raftery
"Yes. Made him happy."- Verne Lundquist
"I've heard you say that on occasion."- Bill Raftery
"Thanks for the setup. Adam Sandler is smiling."- Verne Lundquist
"Who the heck?"- Bill Raftery
"Who the heck is Happy Gilmore?"- Verne Lundquist

"Vandy is looking to give the SEC their first win of the day."- Tim Brando (forgetting that Tennessee is in the conference)

"I think it's been like both teams are running around in deep snow."- Jim Spanarkel

"The band playing Rocky Top at 7:30 in the morning"- Verne Lundquist
"It's not easy on the road."- Bill Raftery

"The Ducks just ducked one, Ian."- Jim Spanarkel (Via Sportsfanatic)

"I've never met anyone who believed in reincarnation that didn't come back as a prince or a king. Nobody came back as a day laborer."- Verne Lundquist

"He traveled on the pass before the pass."- Jim Nantz

"All these buckets are coming Reynolds wrapped!" - Tim Brando (Via GJFG)

"He suffered from Tommy John disease" -Verne Lundquist on Tyler Tiedeman of Boise St. (Via Eric)

"If American is going to win, they are going to have to get a lot of smooth miles out of this Carr (Garrison Carr)".- Bill Raftery (Via Mal)

"I love the way you take care of me at night"- Tim Brando to Mike Gminski (Via Anon)

"You know, with that hairdo there he doesn't have very good peripheral vision." - Billy Packer (Via SpartanDan)

And my personal favorite.......

"This ain't Carmen San Diego!"- Tim Brando

It's so bad it's almost good.....almost.

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