ESPN Is Bringing Back Players From Beyond The Grave

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Scott's Shots via TBL has an amazing move pulled of by the Blue Jays that was listed on ESPN's Transaction Page....

Everyone remembers that Lidle was tragically killed last year when his plane struck a building in New York, and it's an unfortunate error. Also, how could he be activated by the Blue Jays when he wasn't even pitching for them at the time of his death? His last game for the Jays was in 2003 and he passed away in 2006. That's just crazy. Has Some Explaining To Do on Lidle Gaffe (Scott's Shots)
ESPN Copy Editor Asleep at the Wheel (The Big Lead)

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Hilarious!!! Oh and I might as well say it...

Aren't you sick of Bob Knight blah blah blah.

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