Big Names Still Being Taken On Day Two Of The NFL Draft

Sunday, April 27, 2008

(posted by One More Dying Quail)

Earlier today, AA ran down some of the big names left on the board through the first two rounds. Here are some of the better known players that ended up being drafted, where they went, and when:

Third Round
Kevin Smith, UCF: Detroit Lions, 64th overall
Jacob Hester, LSU: San Diego Chargers, 69th overall
Dan Connor, Penn State: Carolina Panthers, 74th overall
Early Doucet, LSU: Arizona Cardinals, 81st overall
Steve Slaton, West Virginia: Houston Texans, 89th overall

Fourth Round
Tashard Choice, Georgia Tech: Dallas Cowboys, 122nd overall

Fifth Round
John David Booty, USC: Minnesota Vikings, 137th overall
Dennis Dixon, Oregon: Pittsburgh Steelers, 156th overall
Erik Ainge, Tennessee: New York Jets, 162nd overall
Owen Schmitt, West Virginia: Seattle Seahawks, 163rd overall

Sixth Round
Geno Hayes, Florida State: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 175th overall

They're about halfway through the sixth round right now (Denver is on the clock at 183), and unless I'm missing somebody, it appears that Erin Henderson, Andre Woodson, Mike Hart and Colt Brennan are still left from the list that AA threw out there earlier.

UPDATE: Brennan is off the board, to Washington with the 186th overall pick. I'm anxious to hear what AA has to say about this. AA says, "please tell me this didn't just happen."

It's not the worst move they could have made since Todd Collins is 45 years old and they don't really have any other backups. With that said.....Colt "F'ing" Brennan?!?!?! They realize they had the worst D-Line in the league right?!?! Ugh.


UPDATE: And there goes Woodson, to the Giants at 198.

UPDATE: And minutes later, Hart goes to Indy at 202, just catching the end of the sixth round.

Posted by One More Dying Quail at 3:31 PM


Yeah, I've been waiting since the day began, and only really paying attention, to see Little E (Erin Henderson) get picked up.

This is disappointing, at least Dre Moore got taken off the board in the 4th-round, and to a team that I have nothing against, therefore I can still root for him without internal conflict.

Anonymous said...
Apr 27, 2008, 3:53:00 PM  

Zorn didn't stay up to watch the Sugar Bowl...or go to the combine

Sam said...
Apr 27, 2008, 4:46:00 PM  

When did Caleb Campbell become the messiah?

Anonymous said...
Apr 27, 2008, 5:40:00 PM  

Will Colt Brennan shave the Skins Logo into the side of his head?

odessasteps said...
Apr 27, 2008, 6:02:00 PM  

Did anyone notice Adarius Bowman didnt get drafted? I was hearing that he was late 1st early 2nd

pmelchre said...
Apr 27, 2008, 11:16:00 PM  

@ pmelchre: He got arrested for marijuana possession in early April and then plead guilty to that charge, which essentially wiped out his chances of being drafted.

Erin Henderson, anyone? He was late first-round talent if he was healthy, and I saw him in at least the top 10 amongst OLB everywhere I looked. I can understand the concerns about his knee, but you'd have to think that somebody would be willing to take a flyer on him.

Willmott said...
Apr 28, 2008, 1:26:00 AM  

What an idiot, he had it all. Oh well, at least its keeping some of the riff raff out of the league

pmelchre said...
Apr 28, 2008, 8:35:00 AM  

Henderson signed with the Vikings as a free agent. Ge will try and play with his brother EJ on the Vikes!

Anonymous said...
Apr 28, 2008, 9:48:00 AM  

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