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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I never know whether to use the exclamation point or not. That title either reads like it should or that I'm really really excited that Cooley is blogging for Yahoo(!). I mean I'm excited because I think the guy is hilarious, but I'm not going to freak out about it.

Anywho (to stop my rambling), the Redskins TE is officially a Yahoo blogger and his first post is a pretty good on on his draft day experience. Here's a snippet....

Two months earlier I got my first cell phone. Yeah, 2004 and Chris Cooley finally has a cell phone. The problem wasn't that I had a phone, the problem was the service. I couldn't keep more than one bar in the corner of the phone, and I was starting to believe that I must have been missing calls. I had spent the last four hours glued to the screen, but had to drag myself outside to at least see if I got a message from someone. By the time my foot hovered over the bottom stair of the front porch the house erupted. The cheering couldn't be mistaken, but I had still never received a phone call.

Eighty-first pick to the Washington Redskins and I could have never felt more relieved. I remember thinking why hasn't the team called me? It was a perfect thought as my little brother turned to me and said, "Oh yeah, some guy is on hold for ya, he's only been on hold for a couple minutes." I took the phone and Joe Gibbs says, "I hope you want to be a Redskin, we had to trade up for you." Joe Gibbs! A Hall of Fame coach wanted to trade up for me.
This has to be one of the weaker classes in the history of the draft, but reading stories like this gets me hyped to spend a Saturday drinking beers and projecting who's going where. I'll be here all day on Day One hitting the highs and lows, so I hope you can join me.

The Cooley Zone: My draft day story has a happy ending (Yahoo Sports: Shutdown Corner)


Chris Cooley's blog is the greatest thing ever. I can't wait for his blogstore to open to pick up a t-shirt.

GMoney said...
Apr 23, 2008, 4:06:00 PM  

Or some short shorts.

Wait.. what?

Scoops said...
Apr 23, 2008, 5:18:00 PM  

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