Highlights From The Wild Vikings-Saints Game (And The Rest Of Your Monday Night In Quotes)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Man that game was a wild one. If you're waking up today, and you missed it, I hope this video and set of quotes helps. If you played along with the live-blog, enjoy them a second time!

"The strong hand wins the contest."- Ron Jaworski

"Maybe he should have dated supermodels?"- Tony Kornheiser after comparing Drew Brees to Brady and Manning

"They were in position to score a million times." - Tony Kornheiser

"They were dooing for Deuce McAllister."- Mike Tirico
"Dooing?"- Tony Kornheiser
"Deucing."- Mike Tirico

"Heath Shuler is a congressman and Gus Frerotte is still playing Football! It's phenomenal!!!"- Tony Kornheiser

"He [Hochuli] drops in my fantasy referee draft."- Tony Kornheiser

"In some countries these guys are picking out furniture."- Tony Kornheiser on Brees and Sean Payton
"Brees' relationship to Sean Payton has been described by everyone as perfect" - Tony Kornheiser

"Well under the average inside the redzone."- Ron Jaworski
"They're last!"- Tony Kornheiser

"This could be three or seven."- Tony Kornheiser on a FG attempt

"Penetrate and get the arms up!"- Ron Jaworski

"So far what we've seen from Reggie Bush is warning track power. At USC he was a home run hitter all the time. If he does that in the pros, he is a star of stars"- Tony Kornheiser

"There's a rule that pertains to foot tangling?"- Tony Kornheiser
"No footsies."- Mike Tirico

"I know you're critical of Sports Radio but that's the topic tomorrow. Why would you kick to Bush a third time."- Tony Kornheiser
"I would ask the same question."- Ron Jaworski
"I'll give you the call-in number."- Tony Kornheiser

"They not making no moves offensively."- Tony Kornheiser on the Vikings

"That was great video of Drew Brees hyping up his team. It looked like he went to Ray Lewis Summercamp."- Tony Kornheiser

"We got to get Jaws to a cold tub because he's completely exhausted" - Tony Kornheiser


I'd been trying to give Tony the benefit of the doubt, but he has been killing me the last two weeks. He really is not good in the booth. He makes Dennis Miller look smooth in the three-man booth.

I have no idea what the furniture line pertained to, and was baffled by it last night as well.

Telecomedian said...
Oct 7, 2008, 10:04:00 AM  

What? No highlights of Bush's 2nd punt return?

ssreporters said...
Oct 7, 2008, 10:41:00 AM  

So was Tony implying that Brees and Payton are gay with each other???

GMoney said...
Oct 7, 2008, 10:55:00 AM  

The most cringe-worthy quote I remember is from Jaws when they were talking about how all but 2 of Bush's receptions have been within 10 yards of the line or behind it, Tony was like "that's how you use him", Jaws agrees by saying "Yes, he's like a satellite, you have to get him in space".

BVaz said...
Oct 7, 2008, 11:06:00 AM  

Tony Kornheiser is terrible. His nonsensical statements and frequently negative, demeaning attitude towards the players and coaches is an affront to the history of Monday Night Football. Where is the insight, collegiality, humour, knowledge about football? What happened to calling the game? His role is more like nasty TV gossip than a sports commentator.

I now record the Sunday Night Football game on my DVR and watch that game on Mondays. Better commentary and they stick to the game.

Anonymous said...
Oct 7, 2008, 11:37:00 AM  

Where's the second bush return? That was the more improbable one.

rs27 said...
Oct 7, 2008, 11:38:00 AM  

No quote on when Jaworski had to school Kornheiser on his dumber than dumb quote about how N.O. didn't think he'd be that good of a receiver because "after all, he is a running back"? Jaws let him know how good he was at catching the ball at USC. Can't we just have football people in the booth?

The Zoner said...
Oct 7, 2008, 12:46:00 PM  

Kornheiser needs to be fired. He is ill-prepared and long-winded (a bad combination). And he's homophobic as well. The "furniture" crack was intended to imply that Payton and Brees were gay lovers. And in the previous Philly game, when Westbrook was getting some work done on his lower back to relieve muscle spasms, Kornheiser said "Look where the trainer's hands are! I don't know about that shot." Kornheiser adds nothing to the announcing team and detracts a great deal from the game and from ESPN.

Anonymous said...
Oct 7, 2008, 1:33:00 PM  

This Tony Kornheiser is NOT a booth guy, come on ESPN. A team makes a play and he makes a negative out of it. He seems to pick a team and actually root for it over the other team by ranting on how this and that should have happpened. He tries to come up with quick one liners but most times sticks his foot in his mouth trying to describe something he doesn't know about or experienced in sports I am sure of. Can't remember ever hearing....Kornhieser takes the hand off, he's at the 50, the 40 the 30......please ESPN do us a favor, somebody else, anybody!!

Anonymous said...
Oct 7, 2008, 3:57:00 PM  

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