List Of Every NBA Team's Slogan For The 2007-2008

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

With the NBA Season getting fully underway this evening (i.e.- The Wizards start their season) Sports Business Daily compiled a list of the individual team Slogans for the Season. Some are a little bland I felt like including my own and/or opinions in parentheisis. Why? Because I'm bored, and I have no life.

If you'd like to add yours in the comments feel free to do so.

Hawks- "The Highlight Factory" (The Small Forward Factory)
Celtics- "Think Big" (Think Mortgaging Your Future)
Bobcats- "Elevate" (Come Cry With Me)
Bulls- "Love it Live!" (Campaigning For Kobe!)
Cavaliers- "All for one. One for All." (All by One, No One Else Gets Ball)
Mavericks- "It's All About D" (Ummmm....I think that one's actually perfect considering Mark Cuban is involved)
Nuggets- "Can You Feel It?" (Can I Feel What? Carmelo's Bitch Slaps???)
Pistons- "50 Seasons of Hard Work. That's True Blue Collar." (Rubbing It In To Everyone Who Got Fired From GM In The Last Year)
Warriors- None
Rockets- "It's Time" (Time For What? Another first round loss in the Playoffs?)
Pacers- None (It's okay to come back now....Ron Artest is gone for good.)
Clippers- None (This is actually their slogan....I kid, I kid.)
Lakers- None (Come For The Kwame, Stay For His Cake)
Grizzlies- "New Game" (Brilliant marketing there. Resetting the Season like a video game....every Memphis Fan's wish.)
Heat- "20 Years of Heat/The Heat Experience. Feel it. Live." (Feel It Live Even Though Shaq and Wade Will Play In A Total of 15 Home Games This Year)
Bucks- "Where Amazing Happens" (Way to not be original and just steal the NBA's umbrella slogan)
T'Wolves- "See What They Can Do" (Wait, what who can do? Seriously, I have no idea who's left on the team)
Hornets- "Passion, Purpose, Pride" (Paul, Paul, Paul, Period)
Nets- "More Than a Game" (It's a Domestic Experience!)
Knicks- "Experience Knicks Basketball" (Too easy....pass.)
Magic- "The Time is Now. Be Bold. Be Blue." (I've got nothing, but I was thinking about a JJ Redick Night where all designated drivers get a bobble head or something)
76ers- "Multiple Slogans" (Zero Options On The Floor)
Suns- "Welcome to Planet Orange" (Isn't the Sun a Star? I'm confused)
Trail Blazers- "Rise With Us" (But only if you're 60 year old knees will allow you)
Kings- None (Come Experience Theus....LIVE!)
Spurs- "Team is Everything" (Boring....just like the Spurs)
Sonics- "Be Part of It" (Part of what? The moving crew???)
Raptors- "My Game is Raptors Basketball" (I think a campaign targeting woman surrounding the Andrea would be better)
Jazz- "It's a Pure Adrenaline Rush" (Come Enjoy The Game, We Still Feature 5 White Athletes!)
Wizards- Ready to Rule (By losing to the Cavs again in the Playoffs and Gilbert Opting Out!)

Man that was fun.....I suggest you give it a shot.

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"Come for the Kwame, Stay for his cake."

The 12 year old in me is doing an incredible Beavis inpersonation in my head:)

Gangsta D said...
Oct 31, 2007, 3:00:00 PM  

Be Bold. Be Blue.

JJ's blue balls?

More Credible said...
Oct 31, 2007, 3:17:00 PM  

Knicks - Experience complete chaos!

Jazz - Loving the whitey's!

Chris said...
Oct 31, 2007, 3:21:00 PM  

The Cavs used that same lame ass slogan two years ago. No one is worse at their job than Danny Ferry.

GMoney said...
Oct 31, 2007, 3:41:00 PM  

Hawks: Please Don't Let The Thrashers Out-Draw Us Again This Year

Cavaliers: We Love Cleveland*
(*: Loyalty not guaranteed to be reflected in off-court wardrobe.)

Sonics: Movin' On... Up! Movin' On Up. Right.

Oct 31, 2007, 3:43:00 PM  

Pacers: Where White Flight Comes Home to Roost

Kings: We're So the Only Game in Town

Warriors: It's Cool. We traded for Stephen Jackson, not Ron Artest

Raptors: N, B, eh?

Anonymous said...
Oct 31, 2007, 4:42:00 PM  

Celtics - Come drink the Kool-Aid!

Knicks - NY Knick basketball: where our felonies outnumber our victories!

Suns - The Whine Factory

Anonymous said...
Oct 31, 2007, 6:10:00 PM  

Trailblazers - Sam Bowie redux

Anonymous said...
Oct 31, 2007, 6:12:00 PM  

wow. that was amazing! i'm seriously in tears over the orlando magic one. i need to get me some more nba friends because none of my friends get this, haha.

Anonymous said...
Oct 31, 2007, 11:37:00 PM  

Cavaliers - 'We Haven't Improved, So Stare At Damon Jones' Forehead'
'Watch LeBron Before He Opts Out'

Anonymous said...
Nov 1, 2007, 1:58:00 AM  

Sonics: Hey, look over there! [moving truck peels out]

Anonymous said...
Nov 1, 2007, 4:07:00 AM  

The Utah Jazz- You want Andre Kirelenko? Take him.

Anonymous said...
Nov 1, 2007, 10:39:00 AM  

For the Phoenix Suns:
Planet Orange "Where defense is a desease no one wants to catch"

Planet Orange "Where the refs and David Stern don't hate the suns"

Planet Orange "Where Shawn Marions Whining is inaudible"

Planet Orange "Where the only damn dirty ape is the Suns gorrilla"

Planet Orange "Yea we don't even know what we were thinking"

Planet Orange "Because it was too tiring to have our eyes on the prize"

Unknown said...
Nov 1, 2007, 7:34:00 PM  

Bobcats-PLEASE come see us play! Seriously, college ball doesn't start for, like, a month.

Anonymous said...
Nov 3, 2007, 1:09:00 AM  

Please, can anyone give me all possible slogans of the teams YOU know? Thank YOU in advance!

Alex said...
Dec 29, 2007, 2:20:00 AM  

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