Kornheiser Returns To DC Radio, Departure From MNF Imminent?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This seems like as good a time as any to start a completely baseless rumor based on an already existing rumor (turned true), but here goes. Yesterday, local DC Radio blog/website DCRTV reported that Tony has definitely signed on for a return to radio.....

Washington Post superstar sports columnist Tony Kornheiser (left) will return to his radio program live in-studio on talker 3WT beginning 1/21. The show will air weekdays from 8 AM to 10 AM, with a 2 PM to 4 PM replay. There had been some doubt as to whether Kornheiser would return to 107.7 FM and 1500 AM, which was known as Washington Post Radio until September, when it became 3WT.
Hmmm a full time radio gig plus PTI....that wouldn't leave much room for Monday Night Football now would it? Tony's MNF contract is only going year to year, so my guess is that either he's gotten word they may be going in another direction, or that he no longer enjoys the situation.

If that's the case.....Hallelujah! Please go back to doing what you do good. That's radio and PTI...period. So what's the rumor that I'm adding on top of this? It's one that's already been hinted at by many, but I want it to go on record.....

He will be replaced by Jimmy Kimmel. Hey, I predicted Tiki to NBC Sports the day he retired....I mind as well try it again. I think the in-booth shenanigans two weeks ago and the "banning" of Kimmel were all a bit of window dressing.

(It's fun to play the conspiracy theory game every once and awhile, and thanks to Odessa Steps for the tip.)

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The problem is he did the same thing last winter-summer before football season as well. He can do his radio show when MNF isn't going on. It is completely possible to do.

And btw- his radio show is great. Much better then anything else he has ever done, minus those books he wrote which were outstanding.

Brett said...
Oct 30, 2007, 2:57:00 PM  

When he ended the show in the Spring/Summer, he announced that he would be returning in early 2008.

JJ said...
Oct 30, 2007, 3:06:00 PM  

Kornheiser did the same thing last year, and he started around the same date (1/21). On the final days of his show, which was podcasted, he kept saying that he would be back in late January because he enjoyed doing the radio show so very much. So, I wouldn't read too much into this deal and its correlation to MNF. I would focus more on his MNF performance (which I, and most every other football fan including Kornheiser, thinks stinks).

But if you haven't listened to his radio show, I would wholeheartedly recommend it because it is great.

EVD81 said...
Oct 30, 2007, 3:23:00 PM  


GMoney said...
Oct 30, 2007, 3:47:00 PM  

didnt they learn their lesson with Dennis Miller??????

Steve said...
Oct 30, 2007, 4:08:00 PM  

WashingtonPostRadio has undergone some changes since Tony left. Here in the DC area, Tony used to do a show on 980am, then left for MNF. When MNF was over, he joined the radio station that his paper was starting since he felt loyal to them. After leaving for MNF temporarily, the station changed formats slightly, but is still news talk radio.

Anonymous said...
Oct 30, 2007, 4:11:00 PM  

He's awful at everything he does, IMO.

I second the request for more of Emitt Smith.

He's good at doing things and that means that he can do things well.

hollywood wags said...
Oct 30, 2007, 4:30:00 PM  

How much time does he need for MNF? He can't be doing too much research for it.

twoeightnine said...
Oct 30, 2007, 6:05:00 PM  

2 words

Larry David

Make it happen

Sports Nation said...
Oct 30, 2007, 6:17:00 PM  

next job for Drew Carey to ruin...

Chimpanzee Rage said...
Oct 30, 2007, 6:30:00 PM  

I agree with the earlier comments. Aside from his writing, I think his radio show is by far the best thing that he does. It should be available on podcast as well.

tyduffy said...
Oct 31, 2007, 11:01:00 PM  

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