Find The Typo: Are David Ortiz And Manny Ramirez Brothers, Or Did They Get Married?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ahh typos.....they make my day. Can you find the one in this article from CNNSI? I bet you can't! (Click for larger version)

Good thing to know that the Massachusetts Gay Marriage Laws are working!

(Found via Fark)

Posted by Awful Announcing- at 2:56 PM


That's some quality editing right there. It's only the World Series.

GMoney said...
Oct 25, 2007, 4:02:00 PM  

I always knew that when it did happen, Manny would take David's name.

Gourmet Spud said...
Oct 25, 2007, 4:05:00 PM  

Who's the pitcher and who's the designated hitter?

Extra P. said...
Oct 25, 2007, 4:23:00 PM  

The caption calles them "RBIs"... when the correct term is "RBI" -- it already stands for runs batted in.

\Just a guess?

sean said...
Oct 25, 2007, 5:54:00 PM  

Sorry the caption under the photo again.

Oct 25, 2007, 7:38:00 PM  

John Kerry replaced Rick Reilly at SI?

Anonymous said...
Oct 25, 2007, 8:06:00 PM  

And here I thought that typo was that scouts were sitting on the Rockies.

TylerM said...
Oct 25, 2007, 8:42:00 PM  

Oh come on... that's not a typo-graphical error. That's just plain stupidity.

...thanks for playing?

Sean said...
Oct 29, 2007, 5:11:00 PM  

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